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I created this blog to help people change their lives for the better! I want to help you guys get stronger, faster, and most importantly…. healthier!

That means I support the Paleolithic-style diet that consists of primarily lean meats, vegetables, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.   It’s important to me keep a fair and balanced perspective on nutrition, though, so you guys should see the dietary plans that some people follow, regardless of whether or not your belief systems are in line with theirs.  Am-I-right?

Before we move on, read this next part and read it again, please:
I am not telling anyone to do what is displayed in this video. I do not “support” people feeding their bodies this type of meal.  It’s not healthy and it’s not safe.  Many of you have heard of that show “What Not to Wear.”  Consider this my Pursuit of Paleo post “What Not to Eat.”

HOWEVER, speaking only for myself, and being willing to endure any consequences (which would certainly exist) from my own actions…..

I have found what just might be MY.FAVORITE.MEAL.EVER.

Epic Meal Time guys …. thank you for making my eyes water from the sight of such an amazing creation.