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This week, our Moment of Awesomeness posts are going all over the place. In fact, we’re going to go from the dirt, to the snow, to the city streets. I hope you guys like the series over the next three days!

First is a video I know I’ve shared before, but now it’s been added to my “favorites” on my Smashby Training YouTube page for easy access whenever!

As far as I’m concerned, these incredible athletes look like they’re 12 years old… but there is NO question that these guys are amazing at what they do! Enjoy.

Then there’s video, and with how EPIC some of these hits are, I’m shocked it doesn’t have more views. Some of this stuff is insane!

As beautiful as that video was, these extreme athletes don’t always get it right the first time. Check out the trailer for the video “Dust and Bones” that was released on the Red Bull YouTube page a few years back. The description of the video is one of my favorite parts:

“Brought to you by our friends at Freeride Entertainment, the trailer for the latest NWD film will probably give you a concussion.”