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When it comes to eating Paleo, there is ONE WORD that separates the days where I eat well, from the days where I tend to veer off course: Planning!

On the weeks where I plan, shop, and cook in advance, I’ve got meals planned out for days and don’t even need to worry about staying paleo. Instead, I just grab tupperwares from my fridge and head out the door. Doing this twice per week COULD lead to a full week of staying “clean” with my eating, but in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve SUCKED with this lately.

Then one day last week I saw a video featured on the CrossFit Journal where a friend of mine, Chris Martirano (aka, Marty), broke down some of the meals he cooks and how he prepares several at a time to accommodate his busy schedule (which definitely resonated with me). It’s called “Preppin’ for the Week”. You can link to the full page by clicking here, and there you can read about the two videos that are featured! If that sounds like too much work (lazy pants), click here for the first video and here for the second video.

Thanks to Marty’s inspiration, I hope to get back on the paleo train again sooner than later! Great video, awesome (and delicious) meal ideas, and no… to answer your question, I will NOT be instituting “Tabata Squats” in my regimen. Instead that will be time to blog more for you guys, or try to find new music to play during my coaching sessions!

To share a brief history of my friendship with Marty, here are two events where we competed head-to-head in last year’s awesome Fitness Elevated Competition in Salt Lake City (hosted by friend, and owner of Ute CrossFit, Tommy Hackenbruck).

The first event was an obstacle course, which was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in CrossFit. It was also my first time ever even TRYING legless rope climbs, and the only event where I beat Marty all weekend. 🙂

The very next event (which happened I think less than 10 minutes later) featured a sled push, kettlebell carry, and then a sled pull… where you were in the sled. Another crazy event, and Marty destroyed me in the second half. Good times!

About a month ago, I asked my friends of events that were going on in December. A friend of mine, Brooke, told me about a CrossFit Competition (Fitness Elevated) in Salt Lake City this weekend, and at first I didn’t think there was a way to make it work.

Well…. after trying to research it a little harder, I found that I had a free flight voucher AND a friend from college who lives in Salt Lake that offered me a place to stay. Instantly, this vacation of flight and hotel costs became a free trip with only an “Event Registration” fee to pay. I jumped on the chance to try and make it happen.

I met Tommy Hackenbruck, owner of Ute CrossFit and organizer of the event, at this year’s Regionals, so when I saw he was putting it together, I gave him a call to ask if it made sense for me to sign up from a state away and make the trek. (Sidenote: Tommy also placed 2nd at the 2009 CrossFit Games and 2nd at this year’s Southwest Regionals, so he’s kind of a good athlete) He told me that he wanted to throw a top-notch event that gave people the chance to showcase their fitness, but wouldn’t crush them to a pulp. I think he did just that!

Every athlete competing will do SEVEN workouts in two days. On Friday, the 4 athletes required…. will be done in under an hour. 🙂
After the end of the 3 workouts on Saturday, the Top 10 male and female athletes will “get” to perform an eighth workout. It sounds amazing.

FRIDAY – December 9th – 4 Workouts (performed in under 1 hour)

WOD #1
Navigate the Fitness Elevated obstacle course for time. (Yep… there’s some sort of OBSTACLE course. I’ve heard there’s at least a 5 ft. wall and ONE Rope climb. We’ll seeeeee. Sounds awesome.)

WOD #2
For time 80 ft. Sled Push (heavy! some weight can be unloaded but it will cost you an extra trip down and back) 40 ft. farmer carry 32kg/24kg 40 ft. bucket pull (pulling your own weight plus KB’s)

WOD #3
3 minutes to find your 2 rep max of Overhead Squat

WOD #4
3 Rounds for time of 10 Burpees + 30 Double Unders. Burpees are done holding 2x Dumbells (40/20lb). Double unders can be scaled to 90 singles. (Performed one minute after the end of WOD #3)

SATURDAY – December 10th – 3 Workouts

WOD #5
10 minutes for max rounds/reps of: 10 pull-ups 10 KB swings 200m Run pullups are chin above bar and kb swings are to overhead in vertical position. Run is on a track, 100m down and back. Score will be total reps. Each round will be 28 reps, the run is worth 8 points and there will be cones every 25 meters. Every 25 meters run is 1 point.

WOD #6
5-4-3-2-1 Ground to Overhead 155/95 1-2-3-4-5 Box Jump 40inch for time Ground to overhead any way. Can be a snatch, clean and jerk or any variation, completed rep when weight is locked out overhead in control. Bar may be dropped from the top. Box jump we will allow using hands/arms for assistance. Any variation of jumping or climbing on top of box is allowed. Rep is complete when athlete is standing on top with hips and knee fully locked out.

WOD #7
500m Row followed by a 440m Run for time. Last 100m of the run every athlete will pick up a sandbag and carry it to the finish 80lb/40lb.


If you care to see how the event goes, you can follow the results on THIS WEBSITE.

Good luck to all of the competitors, and I can’t wait to get there and do work!!