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Go Ahead and re-read this post from last week… then look at the BOTTOM of the page.

Matt Chan is made to look like a tortoise… (haha, just kidding. But check it out!!)



One of my favorite weight lifting exercises is the Clean and Jerk.

It should be no coincidence, then, that one of my favorite CrossFit workouts is Grace:
30 Clean and Jerks at 135lbs for time.

My Personal Record in this workout is 2:28, and a goal of mine before the end of the year is to get under 2:15. With a WOD that short, it seems to me that a 15 second improvement would be pretty significant.

Well, after the 2:15 milestone, the next goal of mine was to break 2:00 at some point. In my opinion, your Grace time is only considered “good” when you can get it under 2:00. Most really strong CrossFitters are between 1:35-1:45.

Then there’s Matt Chan from CrossFit Verve here in Denver. That’s all I’ll say….

Ok. I’ll say one more thing.

HE GETS A 1:16!?!?!? Are you kidding me?!

(thanks for sharing this, Cheez)


Dan Bailey…. 1:02 GRACE. 1 Minute. And 2 Seconds.