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I had to post SOMETHING on 10/11/12, and this is what I chose to post.

A video.

Of me.

Talking to myself. 🙂

The point, though, is to share that I want the “Ask Smashby” series to make a comeback. My good friend (and fellow CrossFit Lakewood athlete) Alon pointed out to me after one of my posts, “The information was good… but how do you REALLY feel about the topic? Stop being so politically correct. People are asking you your opinion because they want YOUR opinion!” Touche, Alon. Touche.

So, effective immediately, I am going to start being much more honest and direct with the questions that are asked my way. Oh, man….

So here is my “welcome back” video. And since I was so excited, the video BELOW that, is my first topic back. It covers a question that I am actually asked quite regularly by some of the athletes who train at the gym where I work. This question is, “What supplements do you take?” After watching the first video, if you’re STILL bored, check the one below it.

In short, the answer to the question of which supplements I use, is… Simply Pure Nutrients. I take their Pro-3 Synergy as my PRE-workout powder, I take their Elite Athlete Recovery Fuel as my post-workout powder, and I take their Quell daily as a means to help decrease inflammation and get my essential omega-3 fatty acids.

More questions, keep ’em coming! Do you like this series? Let me know.

The guys at Life AsRx posted a good question today on their Facebook Page.

“What supplements do you use, and why?”

While we’ve spent a lot of time discussing Nutrition, much less time has been given to discussing what supplements you guys are taking.

If you don’t mind, shed some light and share with us what you take (or don’t take), and why!