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2010 Colorado CrossFit Open

Posted: August 30, 2010 in CrossFit
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Hey everyone,

This past weekend I competed in the 2010 Colorado CrossFit Open, and it was a blast! Out of 86 competitors, I placed 22nd Overall!

There were 2 events Saturday, and 2 events on Sunday. I have to say, with this being my second ever CrossFit Competition, I was so proud of how well I did, and I exceeded my own expectations more than even I thought possible! In two of the four events, I placed in the top 15 (12th in event 2, and 13th in event three), and I won my heat in the second event!

Thank you so much to everyone who provided support throughout the weekend. It meant so much to me! Dave DeHart, thank you for coming out to watch on Saturday, and Katie Mathison thanks for coming out to watch on Sunday! It was awesome to have a cheering section 🙂

I had a friend tape the third event so you can see me in action. I hope you guys like it!

Game time!

Posted: June 18, 2010 in About Tom
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Alright everyone, the blog is finally here!

Ever since I completed my first CrossFit workout in September of 2008, I have known that my life-long dream was to become a CrossFit trainer, but I didn’t know where to start to make that a reality.  I admired what it did to people who trained using CrossFit’s methodology , I experienced how it made me and others around me feel, and I felt in my heart that it was possible to change anybody’s life for the better through CrossFit- regardless of their current ability level or physical limitations.  When I was given the opportunity to become a trainer at CIA CrossFit, I knew that the time had come to make my dream come true.  Right now.

Through mostly short, high-intensity workouts, your body will increase it’s physical capacity in ways you never thought possible.  You’ll look better, feel better, and live better.  Imagine that… Work out for less time, and see better results!

My dream: Use my talents and my passion to improve the lives of others!

What should any of that mean to you?  Come by and check out the gym, or get in contact with me, and you’ll see!