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The Moment of Awesomeness posts promised to go from the dirt, to the snow, to the city streets this week. Today is day three, so let’s get back on the asphalt!

Danny MacAskill is hands down one of the best trial riders in the world. The video description for the one posted below actually says, “For Danny, the city is one enormous playground.” If you don’t believe it, just watch.

His precision, body control, and self-awareness is just incredible if you watch some of his moves through Capetown on that bike of his. So cool!

Some of you may be saying to yourselves, “Dude, all of these videos you’re posting have something helping people move. Bikes, Skiis, Snowboards… What about the art of just moving your own body?” If you are… stop being ungrateful. These videos are still cool. But if you’re serious, check out another Parkour/Free Running video that I’ve shared with you guys before.

Just like the mountain bikers from a few days ago, these kids look SO YOUNG to me, but there’s doubting how incredible they are at what they do! Hope you guys have a great day!