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I’ve had this video open on my desktop for about 2 weeks now, deciding whether or not to post it. I’m going to post it. The Parkour/Free Running movement (as most of you know) is something that has interested me for a really long time.

The things that these athletes are able to do, the risks they take, the finesse, self control, and body awareness that they display is incredible to watch! While it’s not my favorite Parkour video, I hope you enjoy this one (brought to us by the SmitMedia Crew) as much as I do.

I mean, SERIOUSLY, these dudes are AWESOME!

The video below features one of the world’s top “Parkour” free-runners, Red Bull’s Ryan Doyle. While it’s not the coolest video I’ve ever seen, at the end he discusses the MENTAL PREPARATION required for him to perfect his art form.

Think about that, and think about how you prepare for a workout, a job presentation… life. There’s a quote that says life is about more than just showing up. I agree with that quote. We need to prepare for our experiences. Even in CrossFit, where we prepare for the “Unknown and Unknowable”, there are still opportunities all around us to make ourselves mentally tougher and more mentally stable.

Your thoughts?

I’ve had two straight days of Parkour/Free-Running on my blog. Are you sick of it yet? I hope not, because I’m not sick of it yet!

I have featured Damien Walters on my blog before, and he is hands down one of my favorite traceurs (or practitioners of Parkour) out there. His stuff takes the game to a new level.

Happy Friday, everyone!

I posted another Moment of Awesomeness post yesterday where I featured a video by Alex Yde. In the post I wrote that it was “another” awesome video by him.

The more I thought about that quote, I realized… few people who read my blog have probably ever even heard of Alex, let alone seen his other videos. So today, I’m going to share one more with you!

This video showed me two things:

1- There are SO MANY (mostly unknown) absolutely incredible Parkour/Free Running athletes out there! It makes me want to work some more gymnastics-type training into my programming!

2- Apparently there ARE redheads in France. Crazy.

The Moment of Awesomeness posts promised to go from the dirt, to the snow, to the city streets this week. Today is day three, so let’s get back on the asphalt!

Danny MacAskill is hands down one of the best trial riders in the world. The video description for the one posted below actually says, “For Danny, the city is one enormous playground.” If you don’t believe it, just watch.

His precision, body control, and self-awareness is just incredible if you watch some of his moves through Capetown on that bike of his. So cool!

Some of you may be saying to yourselves, “Dude, all of these videos you’re posting have something helping people move. Bikes, Skiis, Snowboards… What about the art of just moving your own body?” If you are… stop being ungrateful. These videos are still cool. But if you’re serious, check out another Parkour/Free Running video that I’ve shared with you guys before.

Just like the mountain bikers from a few days ago, these kids look SO YOUNG to me, but there’s doubting how incredible they are at what they do! Hope you guys have a great day!

I came across this video tonight, and instantly thought of the one and only Dru-Tang.
This video is for you, buddy. Enjoy.

Remember, I post a lot of these videos for a reason! Yes, they’re very cool to watch, but the primary reason is to show what CrossFit can help athletes accomplish. By using CrossFit to improve your OVERALL fitness, not just specializing in one area, you can become bigger, faster, stronger, more coordinated, increase your endurance and flexibility and more… at the same time.

Whether your goal is to be able to make the starting line of a sports team, to carry groceries into your house or apartment with greater ease, or just to work some activity into your day, this training helps. Most of you already know that, though 🙂

Oh, by the way… don’t try this stuff at home.

This morning I’m hitting you guys with some Free-Running action. I guess I can stop making it seem like it’s not going to happen again, huh?

As I’ve said in the past, the self-awareness and -control these guys have over their position in space is more than admirable in my opinion. We may never want to jump from building to building, but if we find ourselves in a place where something more than just walking or running is required, would we even know what to do? (stranded somewhere, looking for an escape from a negative scenario)

Check out this awesome video below, and after you watch it, answer me this:

Do you think it’s relevant to (or would you like to) add similar types of gymnastics movements in the safety of our gym in order to improve our overall athleticism?