The Numbers: 9/22/10

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Training
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Today was Bring Your Friend to the Gym Day!

Tonight was amazing. That’s all I’m going to say to start. Amazing! The group that came was so enthusiastic, the workout was really fun, and the result was incredible! Enough of my rambling, let’s get to the details.

Workout of the Day:
-One Person Rows for 2:00-
While they row, the other person/people on the team complete reps of the following exercises in order for the entire 2 minutes
Squat Jumps
Wall Balls
Single Jumps

The goal for this workout – In a 20 minute time period, have your team complete the farthest distance possible of ROWING.

So while one person is rowing as fast as they can for two minutes, the other person on the team (or people in the case of one team) are doing as many reps as they want of the exercise they’re on. The only thing that matters at the end, though… how far did your team row!?

Since we had 7 people in class tonight, we had two teams of two, and one team of three. While that meant that they had to row less times than the other two teams, it also meant that they were completing other exercises for twice as long before moving back to the rowers (meaning they were potentially more tired for their rowing portions?).

What an amazing group we had tonight!

Andy and Clayton were two first-timers to my class tonight, and they did an incredible job! Josh and Hannah came back again, and it was so great to see them. Sarah and Timbers, my regular athletes, put on a clinic on rowing form, and that was awesome to see. Last and certainly not least, Ashley BOOOOOMer came to class again. She’s starting to make herself a regular at the gym. We would LOVE to see her more often!

At the end of this 20 minute workout, I never could have imagined the results being what they were!! The first guess I had was that the group with three rowers would have been ahead by a landslide because they all would have been less fatigued. What ended up happening, though, is that they pushed themselves so hard during the other stops that they were even more tired when they were at the rower.

The other two teams had one first-timer to CIA each, so I thought maybe their rowing would not have been as effective. Andy and Clayton did an amazing job of holding form and pulling some big numbers during their turns, though!

How fun do these guys look!? Such a great team!

At the end of the workout, there is no one that could have predicted THIS outcome!!!

Team HH won by 69 Meters!!! SUCH a close race!!

I am so proud of all of you guys. Thanks for making tonight’s class so much fun!

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