Moment of Awesomeness: 10/13/10

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Can you believe that Halloween is already only 2.5 weeks away?!  I realize that for many people in this world, the Holiday can be associated with some pretty intense ideas and concepts.  For me…. it’s simply a reason to dress up in fun costumes and have a good time.

How do we incorporate that into CrossFit?…… You guessed it!  This year we’ll be having the Halloween WOD-Off!

Sunday night, 10/31/10, the 5:30pm CrossFit class will be done in FULL costume!!!  The person who shows up, and completes the WOD with the best costume, will win a prize!!

Tell your friends, and bring them down to the gym for a super fun evening.

Need a good costume idea to get your creative mind flowing?  Check THIS out!

Can’t wait to see you guys there. This one is going to be fun!

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