The Numbers: 10/13/10

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Training
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Workout of the Day-

In teams of three, rotate through the following stations:

In 20 minutes, complete as many rounds of-

Run 150 meters, Rest, Complete the exercises listed for the entirety of the round, then complete the next one on the list the next round.  See the picture below for the order!

The fun workout on 10/13/10

Today was also the first day some of the athletes had done Kettlebell Swings, and I was very impressed with the form.  I believe in the philosophy of “Form first, then Consistency, then Intensity,” and with what I saw today, we’ll be able to increase weight in no time.

Nice Hip Extension, Andy!

This workout ended with a very close finish, with the winning team only having one more partial round completed than the other.  Congrats on another great workout, everyone!

Proud of the ladies as always!

Athlete Results:

Team BOOMer- 7 Rounds + partial

Team Caro- 6 Rounds + partial

Two of my favorite moments from tonight are featured below:
The first, is watching Carolyn and Ashley Boomer BOTH increase their heights on box jumps. Carolyn is now at the highest box offered at the gym. For someone who broke her foot a few weeks ago, she’ll be doing tire jumps before we know it! And Boomer told me last time that when we box jumps next, she had to go up. And you did!

The other moment was watching Nichole and Ashley Guy push through those last few burpees. When you’re moving nonstop for 20 minutes, staying moving like this is a huge challenge. Such an awesome performance, and great encouragement from the team, too!

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