***Important Question***

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey everyone,

Last night one of you guys asked me a question that could potentially impact all of us, so I promised to open it up to the group on the blog.  I have been given feedback that traffic on the way to the classes during the week has been tough to get through, so it was asked if the Monday and Wednesday classes could be pushed back to 7pm instead of 6:30pm.

Please comment on this post and share your thoughts on whether you want to push class back, or leave it where it is.

To make it fair, I will take the decision that the majority of you guys vote for, and if the vote is for a change, we’ll start the new times next week (with plenty of advanced warning through the blog).

I want to create a class schedule that works best for my athletes, so be honest, and reply quickly please.

Thanks everyone!

  1. caroooo says:

    i like 630

  2. clayton says:

    Im good with 630, where is everyone coming from that has trouble getting to the class?

  3. Timbers says:

    630 works because I dont want to be there until 830 at night. Some of us have lives 🙂

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