The Numbers: 10/17/10

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Workout of the Day:

First time using our new Workout Board!

This was the busiest Sunday we’ve had, and it was so much fun to have this many people in class!

The “Strength” portion of the workout was going so well, I actually decided to spend more time working on form and technique on the Thrusters, that I shortened the main WOD from 5 rounds to 3 rounds.  No regrets, though… the Thrusters looked good!

Strength Results – (Thrusters 3 Rep Max):

Caro- 60lbs

Clayton- 105lbs

Renee- 25lbs

Boomer- 45lbs

Nichole- 45lbs

The workout that followed the Thrusters was a quick little lung burner!  The 5/10/15/20 rep 3-rounder had the weight and number of reps short enough where we wanted to get through them all unbroken, but I decided to modify the exercises a little bit!

  • The Shoulder Presses were done standard.
  • The Walking Lunges had a medicine ball being held overhead.
  • The Squat Jumps were standing next to the wall, with a slight twist to touch the wall at the top.  This was a good one.  Especially for 15 of them.
  • Finally the Leg Lowers were to tapping your heels to the ground before starting the next rep.
  • Good depth, Caro. Now lock out those arms!

My goal during the round was to have everyone try to get through all of the reps unbroken.  You guys pushed really hard to do that.  Well done!

Athlete Results:

Caro (35lb shoulder press)- 7:38

Clayton (45lb shoulder press)- 8:10

Renee (15lb shoulder press)- 10:28

Boomer (15lb shoulder press)- 10:04

Nichole (15lb shoulder press)- 9:04

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