Contest Update: Race for YouTube Subcribers!

Posted: March 3, 2011 in CrossFit, Media
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On February 17th, I wrote a post explaining how I wanted to catch Alec Hanson – and his Drive Time with Alec Channel – in YouTube subscribers.

At the time of that post, I had one subscriber. Just one. Now… SIX! That is 500% growth!! Look out, Alec, I’m coming for you!

Now the WHY. Why do I want people to subscribe to my channel? I’ll keep this as simple as I can.

1- The athletes that train with me are incredible, and I want people to see their accomplishments! Seeing someone lose weight, get faster and stronger, and just get healthier in general is insprining; no matter who you are.

2- I started a monthly meeting with local area CrossFit Trainers, DACTA (Denver Area CrossFit Trainer’s Association), and my goal in doing that is to help strengthen the local community and have us help each other succeed at our gyms! I will post meeting summaries via video, so even if a trainer/athlete/owner doesn’t live in Denver, you’ll still be able to see what we talked about!

3- My goal is about being an integral and involved part of this CrossFit Community! By having you guys on board, you can give me feedback as to what you want, need, and care to see from me. More nutrition info? More epic videos? NON-Fitness related material? Silly stuff? I’ll tell you what, the guys over at “Life AsRx” have some pretty funny material on their page, and they keep me coming back.

Alright, enough. Please subscribe, spread the word, and let’s catch Alec!

The 20th person to join will get an awesome prize in the mail. I promise 🙂

Please click here, go to my Channel, and hit “Subscribe!”


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