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Questions fielded from Casey Polk!

Questions still out there to be answered from Alec Hanson and Aaron Varcasio.


Still trying to find a good name for the “show”. Open to your awesome ideas, and thinking of them, myself. Remember, it probably won’t always be in a car, and definitely won’t always happen during the morning rush.

As our good friend, Winnie the Pooh, says:

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Think, think, think... (of a good name for the show)














Alec, I now know how awesome you feel in the morning when you record a successful Drive Time with Alec on the way to work. It’s like before you even walk in the door to “the job”, you’ve knocked something off of the punch list for “the passion” (CrossFit). It feels pretty nice.

So, the next installment of Drive Time with Smashby was completed today, and I’m very interested to hear what you guys have to say about it. Not sure why I couldn’t remember the last question Alec asked, but I’ll get it next time.

Any other discussion topics? Let me hear ’em!!

… and help me talk to you, too!

Most of you know of my stricly blogular (yep, that’s a word) relationship with the one and only Alec Hanson (host of Drive Time with Alec… check it). Most of you also know that I have accepted his challenge (twice now) to produce an online blogging video for “the people”.

I am going to paste them below here, just to show how awesome they are with you. The point of THIS post, is to say that I would like to continue doing this, but I would NOT like to continue making up my own talking points.

I’m not mainting this blog for me (although I really do love working on it!), I’m trying to use it as a place to communicate with you guys when we’re outside of the gym walls. Therefore, I need topics to discuss! What do you want me to talk about? What are you curious about? What information can I get for or share with you?

I know you all have things you want to pick my brain, or learn more, about. So let’s start talking. I won’t call anyone out here by name (kiplindacaseyweschristianwillcrystaljamiejobsquareddrewtangjenjuniorscottalonpaige) because that would be mean. But seriously, people. It takes one comment on this post to say, “Tom, talk to me about….”

I promise it will be fun. And you know what… if it isn’t, I’ll stop. Yep. That simple.

So go ahead, bask in the glory of videos #1 and #2, and LET’S DO THIS!!!

and the sequel

(Remember – I’m not only looking for topics, but also a cool, fun and catchy name for this thing.)

Alec Hanson called out his “Drive Time with Alec” viewers and challenged them to complete a “Drive Time”-like taping of their own.

If you’ve been following this blog for the last few months, you’ll know that Alec and I have had a pretty good back-and-forth dialogue, so I decided to take him up on the offer.

Do you guys see any benefit to a segment like this?

Basically it would become an “Ask Tom” segment to the blog. You would be able to send me topics via Facebook or through this blog, and then I would reply in video form instead of just a written post.

FEEDBACK, please! 🙂

Also, if the desire for this is out there, I need a name better than “Drive Time with Smashby.” It’s too much like Alec’s, and when I get more YouTube subscribers than him (*cough*cough*, subscribe to my channel), I want the name of my “Series” to be more original.
(What I mean by that is, no one can replace Alec Hanson, and I want to find my own niche out there!)

Let me know what you think, ladies and gentlemen!

On February 17th, I wrote a post explaining how I wanted to catch Alec Hanson – and his Drive Time with Alec Channel – in YouTube subscribers.

At the time of that post, I had one subscriber. Just one. Now… SIX! That is 500% growth!! Look out, Alec, I’m coming for you!

Now the WHY. Why do I want people to subscribe to my channel? I’ll keep this as simple as I can.

1- The athletes that train with me are incredible, and I want people to see their accomplishments! Seeing someone lose weight, get faster and stronger, and just get healthier in general is insprining; no matter who you are.

2- I started a monthly meeting with local area CrossFit Trainers, DACTA (Denver Area CrossFit Trainer’s Association), and my goal in doing that is to help strengthen the local community and have us help each other succeed at our gyms! I will post meeting summaries via video, so even if a trainer/athlete/owner doesn’t live in Denver, you’ll still be able to see what we talked about!

3- My goal is about being an integral and involved part of this CrossFit Community! By having you guys on board, you can give me feedback as to what you want, need, and care to see from me. More nutrition info? More epic videos? NON-Fitness related material? Silly stuff? I’ll tell you what, the guys over at “Life AsRx” have some pretty funny material on their page, and they keep me coming back.

Alright, enough. Please subscribe, spread the word, and let’s catch Alec!

The 20th person to join will get an awesome prize in the mail. I promise 🙂

Please click here, go to my Channel, and hit “Subscribe!”


Alec Hanson has done it. He promised an epic video when he reached his 50th Subscriber to his Drive Time with Alec Channel on Youtube, and he has not only delivered, but he has exceeded any and all expectations I had for it!

What is this “Smashby Training Challenge” you ask? Back on December 16th of last year, I wrote a post on Perfection. I discussed that “a lot of times perfection is something we think we need to reach. My goal is to always be: “Better than yesterday”. That means that you’ve worked hard, and improved an area of your life; hopefully helping to make you become a more well-rounded human being.”

Then I ended the post by challenging any reading my blog to attempt to recreate one of the closest things to “Perfect” I have ever experienced…. the DOUBLE DREAM HANDS VIDEO!!!

Well I won’t ruin the surprise, but let’s just say that even though the “video submission” is 31 days late, as the Competition Organizer, I have accepted a late entry.

ALEC HANSON WINS!! Congrats, Alec!! Your prize will be mailed to you by the end of the week!
If you haven’t subscribed to his channel yet, you really should by clicking here and then subscribing. His material is fun and he has some great opinions on topics that are relevant to either life, CrossFit or both!

Without further ado…. enjoy your Smashby Training Challenge’s first Winner’s video entry!!!:

I am always trying to share different perspectives on proper nutrition, and today, Alec Hanson wins again to have his voice heard by the 17 million people who check out my blog… per hour.

Watch the video below, and hear what advice the “crazy little weird person on the phone” (HIS words, relax!) gives us advice on how to function for 8 hours per day and maintain our energy levels. His approach is very direct, hilarious, and….. painfully true for most of us. To no fault of our own, it’s very hard to plan a day of healthy meals if you don’t know what you can eat! There are very simple adjustments to make, so hear some new ideas!

“Today… Tuesday… you want more energy, you want to be more productive at work, have more focus… just please stop eating the bad carbs… eat meat and nuts all day. Good start right there.” ~ Alec Hanson

p.s.- Subscribe to his YouTube channel “Drive Time with Alec”. Maybe if he gets to Drive-Timer #100 before he posts his special 50th video, he’ll pay all of us $20 or something.

Alec Hanson is hilarious.

If you saw some of the posts I’ve put up about Alec Hanson and his blog in the past, and if you’ve watched any of those videos, you’ve already see what this guy is all about. (there was this post when I posted an article he wrote, and then this one where we had a little back-and-forth dialogue on Self Worth. They’re both awesome, trust me.)

Well, a video he posted the other day, “Drive Time #97”… made me laugh out loud. You may have A.D.D. Alec, but you are also hilarious. I hope that some of the people who check out my blog go out and subscribe to your YouTube channel. There, I said it. Happy now? I just blatantly plugged your blog.

And now… I will call you out. MAKE AND POST THE “50-Subscriber Drive Time Lovefest” VIDEO ALREADY!
(and let’s go ahead and not mention “the word” on the blog again, please!)

Next discussion on Drive Time? I’ll give you a topic:

CrossFit Games Training
Most people will never make it past the first round of qualifiers for the CrossFit Games, yet thousands of people from around the World still train for it. For me, this is different from training to run a marathon (which I have done) or complete a triathlon (which I have also done) because in my opinion, most people set aside a specific training period for these events. I hear “I’ve got my 12-week Marathon plan” a lot more than I hear “I’ll start training for Sectionals in a few weeks.” For most people I know who want to, or who do, compete in CrossFit events, there is no off-season. Why are people devoting so much time, in and out of the gym (regular training, proper nutrition, etc), for something/an event that they’ll probably never win? I have my theories, but I’m interested in what other people think.


Not just you, Alec. Everyone chime in. Why do you think that is the case? Do you guys even agree with me?
Alec’s reply can be seen below!