… and help me talk to you, too!

Most of you know of my stricly blogular (yep, that’s a word) relationship with the one and only Alec Hanson (host of Drive Time with Alec… check it). Most of you also know that I have accepted his challenge (twice now) to produce an online blogging video for “the people”.

I am going to paste them below here, just to show how awesome they are with you. The point of THIS post, is to say that I would like to continue doing this, but I would NOT like to continue making up my own talking points.

I’m not mainting this blog for me (although I really do love working on it!), I’m trying to use it as a place to communicate with you guys when we’re outside of the gym walls. Therefore, I need topics to discuss! What do you want me to talk about? What are you curious about? What information can I get for or share with you?

I know you all have things you want to pick my brain, or learn more, about. So let’s start talking. I won’t call anyone out here by name (kiplindacaseyweschristianwillcrystaljamiejobsquareddrewtangjenjuniorscottalonpaige) because that would be mean. But seriously, people. It takes one comment on this post to say, “Tom, talk to me about….”

I promise it will be fun. And you know what… if it isn’t, I’ll stop. Yep. That simple.

So go ahead, bask in the glory of videos #1 and #2, and LET’S DO THIS!!!

and the sequel

(Remember – I’m not only looking for topics, but also a cool, fun and catchy name for this thing.)

  1. Alec says:

    Tom, Talk to me about…

    1) Your most embarrassing moment
    2) Your last time being naked in public and in front of how many people
    3) Why you go Smashby
    4) The most awkward thing you’ve said to a girl

    You’re welcome.


  2. I am thinking about naming the show:

    “BOOM TIME in the Thunder Dome”

    See how bad this is getting?

    No one else is giving me any ideas for titles!

  3. Aaron says:

    Tom, you could always talk about our association. New additions to the gym, seminars that you want to run.
    There are a few topics

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