Drive Time with Smashby #15

Posted: April 28, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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Getting a little serious today. What do you think?

  1. Heather says:

    Serious is good sometimes, I like it! I defiantly like being positive & being around positive people! Dan & Debby Downer drain my energy in an instant! Also agree about making a purposeful decision to greet, treat and leave people better than you found them 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing, Heather!

    I really appreciate hearing how other people feel about the same types of topics that I sit around and think about sometimes.

    I try hard to not surround myself with the downers, but sometimes you have to (work, for example). My biggest challenge is being in the moment when I can’t help it and still remembering, or trying, to not let it effect me!

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