Tough Mudder 2011: Training Program

Posted: May 20, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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The Tough Mudder race here in Colorado is just over one month away. I remember seeing a lot of people out there talking about how they were going to “train for” the event.

“I’m going to do tons of hill runs to get ready for this!”

“I’m going to get so much stronger!”

“My endurance is going to go through the roof, so I can run for hours!”

How many of you did that? Have many of you have actually increased your Mudder-Specific training? I hope at least some of you!

There’s another event out there known as the Spartan Death Race. I’m sure people said the same thing about that race, too! “I’ll do” any number of fitness-increasing feats so come race day, they’re ready to go! (watch the video on the Spartan site if you have 10 minutes to spare… it’s a pretty crazy event)

I don’t know how many people talk like that and actually do the training, but I do know there is one man out there that does. That man is John Mc Evoy from CrossFit Craic in Dedham, MA. The crew at SicFit shared this video with the Facebook world, and I had to pass it along.

Get some!

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