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The Tough Mudder race here in Colorado is just over one month away. I remember seeing a lot of people out there talking about how they were going to “train for” the event.

“I’m going to do tons of hill runs to get ready for this!”

“I’m going to get so much stronger!”

“My endurance is going to go through the roof, so I can run for hours!”

How many of you did that? Have many of you have actually increased your Mudder-Specific training? I hope at least some of you!

There’s another event out there known as the Spartan Death Race. I’m sure people said the same thing about that race, too! “I’ll do” any number of fitness-increasing feats so come race day, they’re ready to go! (watch the video on the Spartan site if you have 10 minutes to spare… it’s a pretty crazy event)

I don’t know how many people talk like that and actually do the training, but I do know there is one man out there that does. That man is John Mc Evoy from CrossFit Craic in Dedham, MA. The crew at SicFit shared this video with the Facebook world, and I had to pass it along.

Get some!

Wow. I hadn’t even heard of this until a few weeks ago, but apparently the top 5% finishers of every Tough Mudder event qualify for “The Toughest Mudder” competition at the end of the year.

From the Tough Mudder Website:

“World’s Toughest Mudder is the culminating event of the 2011 Tough Mudder Event Series, and will be a two-day challenge with one goal: to find the toughest man or woman on the planet. When the mud settles on December 18, one person will have bested over 150,000 Mudders for the right to call him or herself the World’s Toughest Mudder!”

Are you the World’s Toughest Mudder?

The Tough Mudder race in Pennsylvania just happened two weekends ago, so I figured I would share some of the highlights with you guys.

As time approaches for our Colorado Tough Mudder – June 25th and 26th, I am starting to get more and more excited!

Once the CrossFit Games Open are over, I’ll probably start throwing in some pretty crazy training methods. I’ll keep you guys posted. Who else is going to do this thing on Saturday, June 26th!? 🙂

Another adventure race, anyone?! Most of you know I will be attacking the Tough Mudder race on Saturday, June 25th. This past week, however, I came across another one that looks like a ton of fun:

The Rugged Maniac!

This thing is an adventure race AND a music festival! That’s combining a heck of a lot of really fun things.
Here are some basic details:

  • The Denver, Colorado, race will take place on Saturday, October 15, 2011, at the Thunder Valley Motocross Park in Morrison, Colorado.
  • Normal Registration ($58) – Ends August 26, 2011
  • You must be 14 years old on race day to compete. All racers under 18 will require a guardian signed waiver.
  • What do you get? – “I am a Rugged Maniac” T-Shirt / One Free Beer (for racers over 21 years of age) (No substitutions, no alternatives) / SWAG / Rocking after party – and we promise we know how to party.

If you still need some motivation, here are some pictures from one of the events!

Let me know if you think you’ll be interested in the comments section of this blog. I’m trying to get a huge group of people to go together. This would be a TON of fun! (DACTA, I’m talking to you!)


I created an Official Facebook Event for us! Check it out, spread the word and let’s have an awesome day together!  Click below to check it out!

Denver CrossFitters invade the Rugged Maniac!

I know that the 2011 CrossFit Games Open is upon us, but I want to make sure that none of us forget about the Tough Mudder coming up this summer!

As a friendly reminder of this “Real Life Fitness” we’re training for at CrossFit, take a look at one of the amazing obstacles we will be able to face.

Train hard, have fun, get tough!

(p.s.- I am running the Mudder on Saturday, and my heat starts at 10am, for those of you still waiting to register.)

***Be Warned – This video features 10,000 volt exposed wires. Therefore, there is some obscene language in this (awesome) video.***

CrossFit Competitions can be very intense. They often include multiple events and span over several days, too. There are lots of other fun races and competitions out there, many of which I’ve never even heard of until this past year!

The first of these is the Warrior Dash that I snoozed on and missed this past year, but heard from friends that it was an absolute blast. I will not be missing this next year. (August 2011, by the way)

Then there’s another event which looks to be much more intense than the 3.15 mile Warrior Dash:
The Tough Mudder

Information about the race (obtained from the website above):
Course Length: About 7 Miles
Course Completion Time: Estimated 2 hours and 30 minutes
Course Elevation: Beaver Creek Resort has a base elevation of 8,100 feet, and the course itself sees a 1,000ft change in elevation!
Want to see some of the obstacles that need to be conquered? Click here to check them out!

Still not convinced that it’d be fun? Watch the video below!

So who’s coming with me? I’m registering and think you should, too. The more, the merrier!

Are you a Tough Mudder?