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If you know me, you know that I love beer. I also kind of like fitness. Many years ago, some genius came up with the idea to combine these two areas of interest for so many: Running and Beer!

This lead to the invention of one of the most important sporting events of all-time: THE BEER MILE!!! The Beer Mile website features the OFFICIAL RULES for the race, but let me explain it to you in the simplest of terms:

Drink a beer. Run 400m. Repeat 3 more times. Celebrate. (For a total of 4 beers, and a mile of running)

Corey Bellemore is a freak, and broke the World Record for this event yet again last year with a time of 4:33.6!! He drank FOUR beers and ran an entire mile in the time that is faster than most humans can fathom ever running a mile by itself. Bravo, sir, and thank you for inspiring others to step up their game!!

I’ve run this event a few times, and in the interest of striving to be “Better Than Yesterday,” I will aim to improve my Personal Best in 2018 yet again. (My current PR is 7:16, for those keeping track at home)

For those of you who read that the World Record is 4:33.6 and said, “That’s impossible,” check out the video below. Insane! Corey, if you want to come out to Colorado and train with me for a few days, we’ve got a spare bedroom in the house. Let me know!

I heard some really sad news today. While doing my normal morning scan of Facebook, my buddy Jason who is the one of the most active “mountaineers/back country explorers” I know, shared a link to an article talking about the death of Ueli Steck.

Now for most people, that name probably doesn’t ring a bell (even though it should). But for me, it hit a bit closer to home because I had been following Ueli’s, or the “Swiss Machine” as he was called, unbelievable mountain adventures ever since seeing the video below years ago!

I am pretty far from a daredevil and am mildly afraid of heights, so when I watched what he did I was completely shocked. First of all, why would someone WANT to climb the Eiger? Then, why would they want to do it as fast as they possibly could? Finally….. and this is the one that floored me most, why would someone choose to do this as a Free Solo climb?! That means he didn’t have any support ropes, harnesses, or protective gear. Yeah, Ueli climbed the 13,000+ ft. peak in the middle of “Winter Season” alone and with absolutely no supplemental safety equipment!


Every time an “extreme athlete” passes away doing something they love, I’m usually left with a myriad of emotions. While it’s always sad when a life is lost, there are a lot of people who say, “At least they went doing what they love.” That doesn’t mean I want to die eating a pizza just because I like doing that, but I see their point. While activities like sky diving or climbing mountains can be seen as “unsafe” by some, most of the athletes who choose to partake in these sports do their research, prepare for as many contingencies as they can, and accept that if things go wrong they would rather accept the consequences versus not taking the risk in the first place. That’s the exact reason why those activities aren’t for everyone.

Ueli inspired hundreds if not thousands of people with his accomplishments alongside mother nature. While his death is unbelievably sad, I hope his legacy will continue to live on forever. Rest in peace, sir.

Well, we tried, guys. Thanks for coming out!

Yes, I am one of those CrossFit athletes who has had a serious mancrush on Dmitry Klokov for some time. However, a 418lb. (190kg) THRUSTER!?!
Get out of town.


“Incredible Athletes” posts continue with one of my favorite clips of the last few years.

I don’t think that a single athlete has made my jaw drop during a single event than when I first saw Usain Bolt come onto the scene. The power he produces is unmatched, and there are a lot of people who think he will only get faster.

This is some SPEEED!

Clayton introduced me to this song a while ago. It’s called “Through The Fire And Flames” by a group named Dragonforce (the link is to their “OFFICIAL Music Video”). To me, this song is the epitome “Face-melting” rock and roll. Something you’d expect to see in a bonus round of an old Japanese video game or something.

Given my pretty eclectic interest of music, I DO think there is a time and a place for music like this (if not in relatively small doses so your heart rate doesn’t explode).

The reason for this Thought of the Day, though, is to also share with you guys the World Record Attempt that two kids made to play this song on Guitar Hero’s Expert Level. There is no doubt in my mind that what they do here… is incredible. But how many hours did it take these two to get to THIS level of accuracy, coordination and quite frankly rhythm?

This lead me to my question, how much time is too much for one to spend on a “HOBBY”?

I spend a LOT of time coaching, training, reading and learning about CrossFit. I mean a lot. But it’s just a hobby of mine! I was wondering this because I found myself judging these kids while watching their amazing video. “How much time did they spend inside playing video games when they COULD have been… (insert any other parent line here)?”

I have no idea why I cared what they could have been doing, but CrossFit has taken me to a point where I think improving one’s fitness level is a “worthwhile” dedication of time. Who’s to say that crushing video games isn’t worthwhile? So I wondered, is there too much time that can be spent on things that a person does just because they like it? Or does everyone else (me, in this case) need to shut up and mind their own business?

Not every act in the world needs to add value, but I feel like someone who volunteers to build schools in a third world country in their “free time” would be looked at a lot more favorably than someone who works towards building the tallest stack of playing cards because that’s what makes them happy.

Does it matter?

Not even a complete thought on this post today, but I just thought I’d share the ridiculous thought process I went through today. Oh well, back to watch the video one more time and play air guitar like a baus!!

Happy Thursday. That is all.

Now that I’ve had 3 days in a row of “Extreme Sports” Moments of Awesomeness, I felt it was time to bring it back to some incredible Weight Lifting clips.

This video below (that I got from Zach’s facebook page) is from the 1996 Olympics, and features what is, in my opinion, the most epic Weight Lifting battle of all-time. Watch below as Valerios Leonidis and Naim Suleymanoglu go head-to-head.

There were 4 World Records broken in less than 5 minutes between them! Love this.

This blows my mind.

I came across this video from Chris Spealler and Clay Weldon, the founders over at 321GoProject. I have never really been into Rock or Mountain Climbing, quite frankly because I think I’m scared of heights when you’re THAT close. This video took it to another level, though.

As I sit in an office building with the temperature regulated around me, my heart was racing and I found my body tense up. This stuff is INSANE, and I am amazed every time I hear about someone like this in the world.

PLEASE be careful out there, admire the true Masters of their Craft and most importantly: