Pursuit of Paleo: Brooke’s Challenge

Posted: October 2, 2012 in CrossFit, Media, Nutrition, Training
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Brooke’s back again! Check out her update below. Any questions, recommendations, stories you want to hear from her, words of encouragement? Just ask in the comments section!


I have no idea how many days I have been doing the Lurong Challenge. I do know that I suck at eating strict Paleo for any longer then 48 hours at a time. This is extremely difficult for me to admit. I hate failing! or sucking at something. Welp, I suck at Paleo. But don’t worry, I haven’t and won’t throw in the towel 🙂 I will continue to TRY my hardest to eat clean and limit my cheating. I hope that’s good enough for this blog and thank you for your understanding!

Anywho, training has been awesome! I have been super consistent with getting to the gym and improving on a few things. Handstand walks and balance are at the top of the list right now. I think I walked about 7 ft. or so! I was just concentrating on core strength and not knocking myself out. Weighted pull-up, 1 rep @37 lbs., which is like both of my dogs tied to my chest!

Here’s a cool picture from the Austrailian Pink Floyd show last weekend. I had to drink some beer!! Everyone else, including people my parents age, were on SOMETHING way cooler than Coors Light.

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Looks like a pretty good show, huh?

  1. Kenia says:

    Hey hey… easy on us here…. we were drinking coke! 🙂

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