On Tuesday I posted this piece that featured some tips for female weight lifters, trying to offer encouraging words to women who may be considering taking that type of training more seriously (which they should)!
Here is the second of three articles or videos that I will be sharing this week on the topic of women getting more into CrossFit. Check it out!

Why CrossFit is seducing more women
~by Alexia Brue

Just under two weeks ago, WellandGoodNYC.com posted an article which went through a woman’s journey into trying CrossFit. The piece discuss the author’s initial reservations with giving the program a shot, citing that felt as though the program was geared towards “Marine-wannabe guys,” more-so than women. She then mentions that as popularity began to explode (with “4,400 boxes nationwide and Reebok aligning itself with the sport, not to mention the major PR of the CrossFit Games“) that women started to become more involved.

The two main reasons Alexia claimed women didn’t want to try it out were that they were “worried (about bulking) up and that they simply couldn’t do the workout,” which often times included movements that athletes weren’t even able to complete at the time. How great is it to know that CrossFit workouts are universally scaleable to anyone’s ability level?! And as for the bulking part (and my favorite part of the piece), check out this quote:

“Women are finally catching on that they won’t bulk up if they do CrossFit,” says Bender, now a coach at 212 CrossFit. “Bulking up has to do more with your genetics and your diet.”

Boom, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Click here to go over to the article and read it for yourself! It’s short and sweet, but a great read.

Do you guys enjoy these posts? I know I do!

  1. mercadeo says:

    …are the product of hormone therapy (steroids) along with a strength and conditioning program designed to make you look as muscular as possible with no real desire to actually improve physical performance. Essentially the opposite of CrossFit. Let me make it clear that I am not trying to bash the sport of body building. These people are among the most dedicated and hardest working athletes in the world. That being said, their entire sport is basically built upon the idea of LOOKING good. The judges in bodybuilding don’t award points for anything else.

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