This clip (called the Strandafjellet segment), which comes from the movie “Being There” (last year’s film by Field Productions), blew my mind.
The jumps these guys make combined with the scenery below as they b-line these hits (really big jumps)… wow!

Be warned, especially all of you Physical Therapists out there, at one point Aleksander Aurdal dislocates his shoulder (you don’t see the fall, relax). Their on-site medic helps him pop it back in (CRAZY!) and then… a little while later… he decides to ski AGAIN! Why? Because, as he says,”Can not let this opportunity pass!” Do NOT try that at home folks…

Visually, however, some of these shots are stunning.

As Denver prepares for it’s first potential snow of this season, enjoy!

  1. Heather says:

    I won’t lie, I watched the video SPECIFICALLY to see the shoulder incident. And I actually really wish that they would have shown the fall (in slow mo, preferrably) that led to the dislocation 🙂 People like that are why I’ll always have a job 🙂

    • Smashby says:

      I totally understand, Heather! But I’m sure they have plenty of footage from the helicopter that was 15 ft over his head for their on-site PT’s to use for evaluation 🙂

      I don’t want to see stuff like that while I’m zoning out to a Winter Sports film. I wish I had a stronger stomach for that stuff sometimes, but watching them pop the shoulder back IN was painful enough! Like I said, I have some very close friends who are PT’s, and the risks (of potential longterm/permanent damage) I’ve heard associated with continued activity after injuries like that…. made me cringe when I saw that crazy get back up the hill to do it all again… moments after the fall even happened! Those guys are crazy.

  2. Will says:

    Glad i could keep you employed Heather. Yes Tom you are right on the money with long term damge comment. #bonetransplants

  3. Smashby says:

    I’m just glad that your recovery has gone as well as it seems to have gone. Just stay smart, Will, and let’s not re-injure it again, huh? 🙂 Welcome back to training!

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