Here is the final post on this short little 3-part series I started last week, trying to encourage women to give CrossFit a chance, despite a common perception that it’s only a workout regimen performed by crazy men.

Please read the summary pasted below from the Woman v. Workout Series on YouTube.

“Join fitness model Lauren Berlingeri as she takes on a crazy new challenge each week. Whether training with the FDNY, tossing axes with STIHL Timbersports legends, or bounding through parkour routines, our fearless host manages to land on her feet with a smile (well, most of the time!).”

In this episode, Lauren Berlingeri “Attempts CrossFit” at EVF Performance (with coach Eric Von Frohlich), home of CrossFit Upper East Side in New York, where she will complete the workout Fight Gone Bad with CrossFit competitor Jenn Hunter.

Hold on for a second before you watch this video, though…

I may not be a fitness model, but this type of a “job” would be AMAZING to have every day.
If you guys know people, or have suggestions as to how I can start to do something like this, please let me know!!
Ok, enjoy the video!

My favorite part is when Lauren asks her trainer a question while he is teaching her the Sumo Deadlift High Pull:
Lauren- “What are we working here?”
Coach- “Everything. It’s CrossFit.”

  1. weekinbahia says:

    As Lauren said: why would anyone wanna do this? 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Lucas says:

    “If I look anything like her I’ll be happy.” – sounds like she has the wrong idea?

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