Smashby’s Tip of the Week 5/4/18

Posted: May 4, 2018 in CrossFit, Training
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The third week of Smashby’s Tip of the Week is live, and we’re continuing on to week three of my four week handstand push-up progression!

Today we’ll discuss another safe dismount from the Wall Climb position and then go from transitioning from headstands into the safe way of becoming confident progressing into a handstand. I’m always very cautious teaching athletes how to get into this position from the standing position, so please follow along with my steps in order to build confidence first before trying to make it a more dynamic movement. Plant those hands first, then get faster.

Once you can accumulate 90-seconds to two minutes in that handstand position, then you’ll be ready for next week’s session where we’ll discuss strategies for building strength, and improving your kipping for handstand push-ups!

I hope you find this information beneficial.

If you do, please share it with someone else you think it could help!

  1. Miloca says:

    I feel I’m getting better. Although I can do the handstand against the wall, the controlling part is still a challenge for me. I will practice it all again this week to see I can to all that with slower and more controlled. I will also try to stay 90s. Thank you!

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