Here’s last week’s recap and my goals for the upcoming week.

Last week:

  • Fitness
  • Other
    • Saturday I attended a CrossFit competition at the gym where I work. It was run so well, the athletes were amazing, and the weather was perfect.
    • Lawn mowed, weeds whacked, free mulch for yard picked up, laundry done, floors vacuumed, finished a section in my nutrition book, bought a bicycle helmet… had a really productive weekend at home.

This week:

  • Hoping to read more out of my nutrition book.
  • No mornings off for me this week, so my goal is to get to bed earlier every night… (I write as I lay in bed on my laptop at 11pm)
  • It’s my last full week of work before vacation in about 10 days. I need to keep working hard and stay focused.

Alright, your turn. What’s going on with all of you?

Pic of the week comes from the “No Gutz, No Glory” competition at CrossFit Omnia this weekend. Kyla is one of the two masterminds who organized and programmed the event. Here she is right before the Awards Ceremony. There were some amazing prizes, and it was a great way to conclude two awesome days of competing. Great job, Kyla and Rj!

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