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Today, we rarely see Handstand Walks in CrossFit Programming these days. That movement requires (at the very least) balance, coordination, and strength. The good news, however, is that even if freestanding handstands, or handstand walks, are out of your ability level for now (which I’d say they are for most people), some of the drills discussed below are still very relevant and helpful for a variety of the other movements we’re regularly asked to do in CrossFit.

Take a few minutes and watch some tips to improving overall balance and spatial awareness. If nothing else, this will teach you ways to safely “eject” from a Handstand-Gone-Bad! (I know I’ve been there on several dozen occasion…)

Thanks to Jon Gilson, and the Again Faster crew, for another great resource!

Today is going to be called “Feel Good Friday”. Yep, sure is.

The video I am about to share with you guys was created by the crew at Again Faster Equipment. Instead of trying to explain the video on my own, let me paste their summary of it from the YouTube page where this video can be found:

“Filmed in August of 2011 in San Antonio, Texas, at Alamo CrossFit, the first ever Again Faster Adaptive Athlete Summit featured some of CrossFit’s best coaches as they came together with a group of adaptive athletes for two days of gymnastics, olympic lifting and mobility work. Coaches Jeff Tucker, Jay Leydon, Austin Malleolo and James Hobart joined with Olympians Chad Vaughn and Kendrick Farris to put the guys through skill sessions and CrossFit workouts, proving–if it even needed to be proven–that CrossFit is for everybody.

The weekend culminated in six athletes being named to the Again Faster Competition Team, captained by Kyle Maynard, with the goal of further showing the world what is possible when you stop looking for excuses and start to adapt.”

The reason I am calling this “Feel Good Friday” is because listening to these guys talk, it continually proves to me that the human spirit can overcome ANY obstacle… if it WANTS to do so. We all have a choice. Every minute. Of every day. In every interaction and situation. It’s that simple. Why would (and why DO) we choose to be negative or pessimistic about things when having a positive outlook could help us achieve things we never even thought possible? Ok, off of my soap box. The point… try to give yourself one single day where you approach EVERYTHING with an optimistic attitude.

Just one day. See what happens? I’m curious to hear if anyone tries.

Happy “Feel Good Friday”, friends!

It’s FINALLY here! I told you guys that I would talk about my favorite jump rope to help you find the one that would be best for you. I’ll be honest first. This video is not my best work. I hope it helps, though!

The three ropes I reviewed were the Buddy Lee Master Rope, the Again Faster Revolution Rope and the Again Faster Rev Rope X.

I’ve been using the Buddy Lee rope for the last few years and really liked it. BUUUUUT, then I opened my eyes and tried something new.

The Winner of the Jump Rope Review:

(click here to go to the page where you can buy them)

The folks at Again Faster constantly provide useful information to CrossFitters and athletes everywhere on their website. Today’s video that they reposted on RECOVERY and Foam Rolling is no exception.

Many of you have had a few lessons in the gym in regards to some helpful foam rolling techniques. This short video provides not only the HOW to do several exercises, but also some critical reasons as to WHY we want to spend time with this training tool. Check it out, and let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thanks for the great stuff, AF!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a “Smashby Drops In” post, so here comes one from last week!

I left sunny Denver the day after Thanksgiving for a 1-week vacation “back east” visiting family. My plan was to visit at least 4 gyms while I was gone, (since vacations are also about finding new CrossFit Gyms to visit, not just family) and I accomplished my goal! The problem… I didn’t work out at all of them, so one doesn’t count. Story time:

I usually visit CrossFit Pittsburgh when I’m there visiting family, but have a good friend that trains at another gym in town. R.A.W. Training is an incredible gym!

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Smashby Drops In, R.A.W. Training

R.A.W. Training

There are THREE ENTIRE ROOMS that comprise the space: An entire indoor soccer field (turf track), a middle room with some pull-up rigs and a few other machines, and then the WOD space. I was overwhelmed at how awesome it was so I didn’t take more pictures, but the gym was awesome for sure! Coaching staff was really helpful, too. R.A.W. was sweet.

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Smashby Drops In, R.A.W. Training

R.A.W. Main WOD Room

When I was in New York, I visited the crew at CrossFit Virtuosity. From the first walk up to the main door, until I left 2.5 hours later, I loved my time here. Coaching staff was awesome, a bunch of the members walked right up to me and started chatting (which rarely happens at other spots, even though people are still nice) and I got to spend a good amount of time with some of the trainers.

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Smashby Drops In, CrossFit Virtuosity

The main entrance to CrossFit Virtuosity. Awesome!

One of the highlights of this stop was getting a chance to work out with, meet and the chat with Jacinto Bonilla! I saw the video below about Jacinto three years ago, and was instantly inspired. Well… I worked out with him and it was awesome! Definitely the first time I got to see a 72-year-old dominate double-unders, box jumps and full 10ft Wall Ball shots. So much fun chatting with him. Thanks for the time, Jacinto! Good luck at your competition in a few weeks!

Another highlight of this stop was getting to complete my “Again Faster Competition” workout “Spencer” here. This one was 20 Overhead Squats, unbroken, as heavy as you could go! I was nervous, since that is one of my weaker lifts, but was determined to get it done. I got 95lbs relatively easily (which was my original goal) and then was pressured 🙂 into going to 135lbs. The first time I tried it, I got wobbly on the way up and failed after 13 reps.

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Smashby Drops In, CrossFit Virtuosity

CrossFit Virtuosity - Jacinto post-WOD front and center

After a minute or two to recover, I tried it again… got to EIGHTEEN and my shoulders gave out! I may try to edit out the tremor-shoulder I got from reps 15-18… I’m sure it was pretty insane. So, beyond frustrated that I got SO CLOSE, I committed to try it ONE MORE TIME. Keith and Matt (two coaches there) gave me some pointers and some wrist wraps, and I took a few minutes to recover. A few minutes, and a pep talk later, I was ready to go. I finally got all 20 reps at 135lbs! I was pretty excited.

Moral of the story, both CrossFit Virtuosity and R.A.W. Training are physically awesome spaces with awesome people! If you live in Brooklyn or Pittsburgh (respectively), check them out. Tell them I sent you! 🙂

The team at Again Faster sponsored an CrossFit event in the UK known as “Divided We Fall 2011”. This video recapping the event, that was put together by RazorstormUK, is AWESOME.

There is inappropriate language in the song in the video, so don’t blast it if people around you wouldn’t appreciate that.

You’ve been warned.

Well, I’m glad there’s yet another fun story to go along with my adventures in CrossFit! By now, most of you know I’m competing in the Again Faster “Beat the Team” WOD Series. I’ve had some issues with video recording over the 4 weeks of the competition so far, and this week was no exception!

One week my computer couldn’t read the camera used to film the workout. Another week my GoPro’s memory was full. Another week my camera died mid-workout. THIS week’s adventure was the best one yet.

I completed the entire workout, grabbed my phone to stop the recording and for some reason the button wouldn’t stop recording…. at all. When I went to try and shut it off, I noticed that THE ENTIRE VIDEO WAS LOST. Awesome.

So then the next day I worked it out to use Rj’s reliable camera. Doing the same workout two days in a row is usually not the best thing ever, but I had to do it in order to stay “legit” in the competition. So the Wednesday night time for the workout was 4:38. Thursday, less than 20 hours later… 4:10!

I was convinced I was going to go slower, my arms felt heavier, excuse, excuse, excuse. When I looked at the clock after finishing the workout, I was really happy. Boom.


3 Rounds for Time:
25 Double Unders
25 Hand Release Pushups
60m Sprint, 10m increments

Movement Standards:

[Pushups] Feet must remain on the ground at all times. No “kipping.”
[Sprints] To be done as out-and-backs, in 10m increments. Athlete must stay in camera frame for the entirety.

I know I have told several of you in person that the review for the three sets of jump ropes would be done soon, and it will!

I think tonight I am going to stay late at the gym after I’m done coaching and record the video for you guys.  Hopefully you’ll find my  feedback helpful, and you can all end up ordering your ropes together.  If we order enough of them together we may even get a discount!


Stay tuned for the post later tonight, and as always, I’d LOVE your feedback as to how you like the post when it’s done.  I’m doing it to try and help you guys out, and want to make sure I’m reaching that goal!


Double-Unders…. here we come!!!

This post is a story. Of my life. Tonight. Only read it if you want a laugh (or 4) at my expense. Otherwise, the result video (and a sneak peak of the 5th Again Faster workout – “Russell”) are at the bottom of this post. Ready…. begin!

It’s been a good week of training so far, so I decided to give the 4th workout of the “Again Faster – Beat the Team Series” a try.

The workout, “Austin” was a 7 minute AMRAP. That meant in 7 minutes, you did as many reps as possible of:
2 Muscle-Ups / 2 Deadlifts (335#)

After working out at CrossFit Lakewood at 5pm, and then coaching the 6pm and the 7pm classes, I realized that I didn’t have enough free space on my GoPro to record the full workout. After calling my buddy Rj “Rejalicious” Smith IV who coaches at CrossFit LoDo, he let me know that I could take his keys to LoDo and do the workout there. Lifesaver!

I got there, and my friend Katie Mac (who literally lives across the street from the gym), offered to come over and give me some moral support while I went through the WOD. I graciously accepted her offer! I loosened up a bit (it was freeeezing tonight), set up my weights, and set up my camera to record the workout. About 45 seconds into the workout, Katie looks over at me and then points at the GoPro….

Yep. I went to Rj’s and cleared space off of my memory card and was ready to go! Little did I realize, my battery was low, too. So, almost 1 minute into the workout, the camera died completely. Hey, it’s better than 5 minutes into the workout, huh?

We plugged Katie’s phone in and let it charge a little more, and then it was off to the races… for the second time.

Aside from being a little frustrated and not picking up the deadlift bar a little faster in-between rounds, I am happy with the way this workout went.
For those of you that stuck with this ridiculous evening’s summary, thanks for your time. 🙂

And to Katie Mac, thanks for being CLUTCH and being there, recording the workout on your phone and then just sitting around chatting with me until the darn thing uploaded!

Now for your teaser of Again Faster WOD #5

Nov. 10, 2011 until Nov. 19, 2011

3 Rounds for Time:
25 Double Unders
25 Hand Release Pushups
60m Sprint, 10m increments

Movement Standards:

[Sprints] To be done as out-and-backs, in 10m increments. Athlete must stay in camera frame for the entirety.

The third workout of this series was named Lipson, after Dave Lipson.

This workout was a 21-15-9 of “Medium/Heavy” Back Squat (185lbs) and 1.5 Pood Kettlebell Swings (about 53lbs?).

The only catch with this workout, is that the 185lb Back Squat could not be taken in and out of a rack. You had to clean the weight up to your shoulders, and then get it on your back before squatting. That certainly made it tougher.

I didn’t think there was a chance of getting through 21 and then 15 Back Squats at 185lbs, but I ended up doing it. Slowly. But I did it. That meant I didn’t have to clean that weight up more than the 3 times. Win. Well, 3 workouts of the 8 in this series done. Still “Rx-ing” them all.

The next workout is Muscle-Ups and HEAVY Deadlifts (335lbs) for a 7 minute AMRAP. A little more up my alley than the last 3. Not sure when I’ll do it, but I’ll let you know when I do!