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This post is a story. Of my life. Tonight. Only read it if you want a laugh (or 4) at my expense. Otherwise, the result video (and a sneak peak of the 5th Again Faster workout – “Russell”) are at the bottom of this post. Ready…. begin!

It’s been a good week of training so far, so I decided to give the 4th workout of the “Again Faster – Beat the Team Series” a try.

The workout, “Austin” was a 7 minute AMRAP. That meant in 7 minutes, you did as many reps as possible of:
2 Muscle-Ups / 2 Deadlifts (335#)

After working out at CrossFit Lakewood at 5pm, and then coaching the 6pm and the 7pm classes, I realized that I didn’t have enough free space on my GoPro to record the full workout. After calling my buddy Rj “Rejalicious” Smith IV who coaches at CrossFit LoDo, he let me know that I could take his keys to LoDo and do the workout there. Lifesaver!

I got there, and my friend Katie Mac (who literally lives across the street from the gym), offered to come over and give me some moral support while I went through the WOD. I graciously accepted her offer! I loosened up a bit (it was freeeezing tonight), set up my weights, and set up my camera to record the workout. About 45 seconds into the workout, Katie looks over at me and then points at the GoPro….

Yep. I went to Rj’s and cleared space off of my memory card and was ready to go! Little did I realize, my battery was low, too. So, almost 1 minute into the workout, the camera died completely. Hey, it’s better than 5 minutes into the workout, huh?

We plugged Katie’s phone in and let it charge a little more, and then it was off to the races… for the second time.

Aside from being a little frustrated and not picking up the deadlift bar a little faster in-between rounds, I am happy with the way this workout went.
For those of you that stuck with this ridiculous evening’s summary, thanks for your time. 🙂

And to Katie Mac, thanks for being CLUTCH and being there, recording the workout on your phone and then just sitting around chatting with me until the darn thing uploaded!

Now for your teaser of Again Faster WOD #5

Nov. 10, 2011 until Nov. 19, 2011

3 Rounds for Time:
25 Double Unders
25 Hand Release Pushups
60m Sprint, 10m increments

Movement Standards:

[Sprints] To be done as out-and-backs, in 10m increments. Athlete must stay in camera frame for the entirety.

Drama alert in the Again Faster Beat The Team WOD Series! Drama alert! With what turned out to be over 400 athletes submitting videos for the first workout of the 8-WOD competition, it became clear to the Again Faster Crew that watching and validating every single air squat for every person would be impossible.

So they went to a system where only the top 30 in each category get validated. Read below for more info.
To find the current leaderboard through the last event, click here at any time.

Update on Scoring

~by Again Faster

Due to the overwhelming response to this year’s Beat the Team Series, it became clear over the weekend we needed to reevaluate how we were going to score the events. While we wish we were able to devote the time and man power to individually validate each and every score submitted for “Stacey” and the future workouts, with almost 400 scores, it is simply not possible. We’d still be watching air squats in November.

As such, we determined the best course of action would be to re-focus on the sole task of this competition, which is to name 4 new members to the Again Faster Competition Team, while doing our best to continue providing the community with an online competition in which they can challenge themselves and gauge their skills against athletes from all over the world.

We’ve organized and validated the top 30 scores for each the men and women in the Open division. If the athlete finished first, they received 1 point. The athlete in 30th received 30 points. From there, anybody who submitted a score for the workout automatically received 50 points, and therefore continue to be eligible for subsequent events. If you submitted a time faster than the posted Top 30 scores, please assume it’s because our judges deemed your ROM insufficient. These decisions are final and will not be altered.

You will note the scores of current Again Faster Team members appear within the Leader Board when applicable, but that their scores will not count in the overall ranking of each WOD, as they are not eligible to win the prize.

For the Master’s Division, we have ranked the athletes as deep as we have valid scores for. Since no Master’s woman received an invalid judgement, nothing changes for them. Each of the women will receive their placing in points. For each Master’s male athlete whose “Stacey” score was deemed invalid due to technical or ROM deficiencies, they will receive 30 points automatically. Like the athletes, they are welcome and encouraged to continue competing.

We will be displaying only the Top 30 in each Open division, the Top 7 Master’s Women and the Top 17 Master’s Men. Ideally, we’d be able to show each athlete where they stood against each of their fellow competitors, but it’s simply beyond our current capabilities. We apologize for not being able satisfy these wishes, and for not having had the foresight to know that such an idea was naive at best.

Above all, we thank each and every one of you for competing in the 2011 Beat the Team Series, and we look forward to seven more weeks of competing alongside you.

As I shared last week on this blog, the crew at Again Faster is hosting another “Beat the Team” WOD Series. I decided to compete in it this time because:

A- Hopefully having to throw in a few more workouts per week will keep me out of trouble
B- I absolutely love seeing where I stack up against athletes from all over the world!
C- I pride myself in good form in my workouts, so by posting videos for all to see, if provides me with a chance to get some feedback from others as to how to improve!
D- Let’s be honest. I love competing and by sitting back and playing “arm chair quarterback” while I critique everyone else, it’s a lot better if I put my money where my mouth is and do them myself, too!

WOD #1 was a new one they created for one of their Team Members, Stacey Kroon:
150 Air Squats, 2000m Row, 150 Air Squats

It was gross.

And yes, even though I had poker chips to mark every 25 squats, I STILL miscounted (and did a few more, I think). What a genius 🙂

As if there aren’t enough CrossFit competitions or contests going on right now, I’m here to introduce you guys to yet another one!

One of the leading Equipment companies in CrossFit is the crew over at Again Faster. Aside from creating great gear, they also sponsor some of the top athletes in all of CrossFit with their Again Faster Competition Team.

One of the things they did a while ago was a workout series called “Beat the Team“. Well, the series is back for another round, and this time I think I’m going to do it!

The schedule of events for the workouts (pasted directly from their website) is as follows:
“There will be a total of eight workouts, with the first event beginning on October 1st and continuing until October 10th. Each subsequent workout will be open for 10 days. The final workout will end on December 20th.”

Basically, you do these workouts wherever you are, video tape and upload them and then get ranked among athletes around the world! For me, it’s just a fun way to keep myself accountable for training hard and seeing where I stack up against some of the world’s best.

Here’s the info on Range Of Motion requirements for the first workout of the series (with the standards video below it)-
150 Air Squats, 2000m Row, 150 Air Squats

GOOD LUCK, and I hope some of you decide to do this, too!

p.s.- Again Faster has also got lots of great stuff on their AgainFasterMedia YouTube Channel, so go check it out sometime.