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I posted another Moment of Awesomeness post yesterday where I featured a video by Alex Yde. In the post I wrote that it was “another” awesome video by him.

The more I thought about that quote, I realized… few people who read my blog have probably ever even heard of Alex, let alone seen his other videos. So today, I’m going to share one more with you!

This video showed me two things:

1- There are SO MANY (mostly unknown) absolutely incredible Parkour/Free Running athletes out there! It makes me want to work some more gymnastics-type training into my programming!

2- Apparently there ARE redheads in France. Crazy.

In preparation for the MBS CrossFit Turkey Challenge Competition this weekend, I wanted to show all of the CrossFit Lakewood Competitors where I expect your handstand walking to be by now! 🙂

Absolutely amazing dancing by Arthur Cadre, and Alex Yde creates another great video. The song is Sail by AWOLNATION!

Thanks to my friends at CrossFit Eminence for posting this AWESOME video today.

Happy Wednesday!