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Today’s questions come from Clark Niemeyer-Thomas, and they are all essentially in regards to the Winter WODFest CrossFit Competition (hosted by our friends at CrossFit Eminence) that will be held at the end of January.

At one point during my answers, I hesitate because I was unable to confidently identify a particular movie. When you watch my video, most of you will likely remember the scene I was referring to. In the movie Back to School, Rodney Dangerfield performs a dive. That dive… the Triple Lindy. Trust me, it’ll make more sense after you watch my video below.

Clark, let me know if you have any other questions. Everyone else, what else have you got for Ask Smashby?

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

This morning I saw two friends of mine (a husband and wife who own CrossFit Eminence) share a post with one another on the book of face. The post comes from CrossFit Invoke, and is entitled “When Your Coaches are Off Duty“.

Here is the post, word for word:
“Today’s post is going to be short, but important. We love you guys. We do, and we love to coach you guys and see you succeed, but you know what else we love? CrossFit. Many of your coaches participate in the class, or sometimes are grabbing a few extra lifts off to the side during your class. While your coach has a bar overhead, just finished a WOD or is getting warmed up for the WOD is not the time to ask questions about how to do this movement or that movement, whats the WOD for tomorrow, etc etc. Sometimes, we also just like to socialize with everyone while we aren’t working and frequently need snacks between classes.

With all that being said, we’ll always do our best to answer your questions and help you out, but try an ask your questions when the coach isn’t training, snacking, napping, etc. If they aren’t on duty that day and its not critical to ask them at that moment, consider an email or facebook message so they can respond at their convenience.”

This made me think a little bit about how I feel about that topic, and I felt compelled to record a video on my way into work this morning.

I said it briefly in the video, but this video in NO WAY represents my views on what it takes to be a good coach! I am NOT suggesting, in any way, shape, or form, that a coach needs to always be “on duty.”

As I mention in the video, I simply feel that by only coaching about three nights per week, that I’m in the gym so infrequently, and I get to see my athletes so infrequently, that I want to be “on duty” far more often. For my friends who own gyms and coach 5-8 classes PER DAY, I think you ABSOLUTELY need some “you time” throughout the day. If for nothing else, to at least grab a bite (which few of them have time to do) and get a few minutes of silence (which few of them get).

So, take my words as how I like to roll, for me.
What are your thoughts on this topic?


Many of the videos I post through my “Moment of Awesomeness” series are things I find extreme and beautiful in their own way.

Today’s video is no exception to that theme.

My friends at CrossFit Eminence are starting a Saturday morning Yoga class, and posted this video along with their announcement to get people excited about it. If people reacted anything at all like I did, they’re pumped, too.

Yoga has been one of those “if/when I have time…” things for me for the past few years. The benefits in CrossFit (and in LIFE) of being more self-aware, more flexible and more mentally grounded and connected, cannot be labeled with a price. I’m looking forward to introducing this type of training into my repertoire.

This video is amazing. Thanks Lindsey and Kris!

Hey friends! I just wanted record a quick little video to talk about a few local events we have coming up here in Denver. CrossFit Competitions are going to be popping up all over the place, and hopefully my blog can start to serve as a resource to help you guys keep track of when and where they are happening!

You may be wondering which events are right for you to enter and which ones are better to go and watch, and I’ll try to help out in any way I can.

Check out the video below, and let me know if you find this helpful at all!

Local Event #1
MHCF King and Queen of the Gym
~hosted by Mile High CrossFit

When? – Sunday, January 22nd
Summary – 4 Workouts per athlete completed between 9am and 3:30pm. Each event, every athlete will be paired with a DIFFERENT partner (selected at random). How cool does that sound!?

Local Event #2
Winter WOD-Fest
~hosted by CrossFit Eminence

When? – Saturday, January 28nd
Summary – Right from their event page: “As CrossFit athletes we have to be prepared for the unknown and unknowable. The events, while staying true to the CrossFit methodology, will offer a unique approach to physical activity and cold weather conditions. One portion of this event May be outside; snow, rain, or shine. It will be a true testament of fitness and mental willpower.”

Local Event #3
Colorado State and Open Weightlifting Competition
~hosted by RedRocks CrossFit

When? – Saturday and Sunday, February 4th and 5th
Summary – Sanctioned USA Weight Lifting Event. Each athlete has 3 attempts to complete successful lifts at EACH the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. All competitors must be current USAW members. Current USAW rules apply. (Singlets must be worn by all athletes. Athletes must show USAW card and valid ID at weigh-in.)

In preparation for the MBS CrossFit Turkey Challenge Competition this weekend, I wanted to show all of the CrossFit Lakewood Competitors where I expect your handstand walking to be by now! 🙂

Absolutely amazing dancing by Arthur Cadre, and Alex Yde creates another great video. The song is Sail by AWOLNATION!

Thanks to my friends at CrossFit Eminence for posting this AWESOME video today.

Happy Wednesday!