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You guys certainly don’t need to watch this entire video, but I just wanted to share something that I just saw and have never even heard of before…. Bobby Noyce took the classic CrossFit workout “Annie” (50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of: Double-unders and Sit-ups) and put a ridiculous spin on it.

Instead of doing double-unders, he does TRIPLE-UNDERS.
Instead of regular sit-ups, he subbed in GHD Sit-ups.

Just take a few seconds and see what it looks like when an athlete can link triple-unders together. This is awesome, and definitely something to shoot for. Click the link below to watch him crush the workout that he calls “Tr-Annie.”

Visit for more videos

People who don’t CrossFit are often times too intimidated to even try the workout program. They see shirtless dudes grunting and yelling, watch weighted barbells drop uncontrolled from overhead and hear loud heavy metal blaring from the gym’s speakers. They think that small percentage of people are the majority of what makes up the CrossFit population.

“It’s just not for me.” “I’m not into that stuff.” “I don’t like that type of environment, it’s too intense.”

Well, CrossFit put together a pretty incredible video showcasing the lives of just your average CrossFitters from around the world. It’s awesome!
The next time you run into someone who says they don’t think it’s for this, just show them this video.


I know this post is a little longer than usual, but I ask that you all take the time to read through it.

I am going to feature another one of Lisbeth’s posts from last week because it really spoke to me. As a coach, I have SO MUCH faith and confidence in all of my athletes, and as I grow as a coach, I am learning more and more that thinking that way can be almost too intimidating to some people.

“Why does he think I can do this? There’s no way!”

“Yeah right, Tom.”

“I can’t.” ~ Ahhhh, I HATE that one!
(Please don’t say “can’t” or “hate” around me if you don’t mind. I’ll let Casey tell you all what to say instead.)

I can’t explain why exactly it is that I feel that way, but I just have seen so many people exceed even their WILDEST dreams (in the gym, in their health, at work, in their relationships, it doesn’t matter!) that I think I’ve stopped believing that some things are “impossible”. If the person puts in the hard work dedicated to their cause, whatever that cause may be, a huge part of me has simply switched to the mindset where I know the goal will be reached. That is my excuse.

I will rarely “call out” a specific athlete here on this blog when it comes to specific conversations that we have, but today is going to be an exception to that rule.

The reason I know that Heather Beck CAN get her elbows higher and nail that Front Squat is because I know she works her ass off EVERY SINGLE DAY she’s in the gym. The reason I KNEW that Casey Polk would get through an entire workout without bands for her pull-ups is because I’ve seen her spend HOURS before and after class just working on technique. She EARNED it.

So if I ever push you a little bit farther than you’re used to… or if I’ve ever scared you into thinking that you can lift more weight than you thought you could… I’m sorry for not being sorry. I don’t know how else to word this, so I’ll just say it.

It’s your fault.

I only say, think, and BELIEVE in you because at some point or another (or imagine this.. EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE YOU) you have proven to me that you CAN. And that you WILL. So, stop being so strong, and successful, and stop fighting so hard, and stop performing your reps with such incredible technique, and then I promise you I’ll try to stop believing in you so much. 🙂

Diamond in the Rough” ~ By Lisbeth

Some of us can see it in you — who you could be, with a little work — even if you can’t see it in yourself. And that fact will either thrill or frighten you. Or, maybe both.

Some coaches have technical skills, or fantastic eye for movement, or a phenomenal grasp of human mechanics. But some can kinda see under your skin. We watch you breathe and we notice your body posture and your interaction with the world and listen to your words. And it all sort of adds up.

We know who you are. Or at least, we have an idea.

For some people, that’s a seriously frightening prospect: that someone could really know who they are. Some folks have spent a lifetime building their walls. They don’t want anybody to see over their fences, or through their windows. They want to control everything: life feels safer that way. And along comes a coach or a person or a loved one who can really see them, even beyond the push jerk — and that diamond in the rough, and wants to help polish it up so the world sees it too. And that is scary.

It’s okay though. Be scared but let them look anyhow. Be brave. And maybe a little crazy. Many folks probably understand more than you give them credit for . . . and they’re probably kind of freaked out too. But you know what? Life doesn’t have to be so frightening — for all of us. I know a fella who says “The more people that know your intimate secrets, the safer you are.” Sounds totally wrong, but maybe he’s right? Whichever it is, and whatever happens, good or bad? You’ll get over it. That is the only certainty.

So just press on. Let your coach try to polish that diamond. Tell ‘em to back off when you need to, but let ‘em in when you can. Both your lives will be better for it.

Lisbeth strikes again.

If you don’t know what that means yet, welcome to my blog. CrossFit Lisbeth’s author, Lisbeth Darsh, is amazing.

Simple message. Yet SO powerful and true. Regardless of your role at work, at home or in the gym… think about this.

Every Single Time you interact with someone in your life… please just TRY to think about this message.

Teaching Moments ~ By Lisbeth

Teaching moments aren’t easy, for the teacher or the student.

You might be the member, thinking “Oh man, he’s picking on me.” Or you might be the coach, thinking “How the heck can I get this point across? How can I get her to change that movement?”

But you’re both in a situation that could be so illuminating, if you allow it to be.

Let go of your ego and your fears. Let go of the idea that you have to be the best in every single moment of your life. Open your heart, open your mind . . . and learn.

Apply the student mentality everywhere you can today – just for a day — and see what happens. There are a lot more experts in your world — on so many subjects — than you realize.

They are in your gym, in the coffeeshop, in your workplace, and in your neighborhood. And often the loudest voice is not the most educated, so learn to listen to the quiet ones too. Seek out those who would share their secrets. Become enraptured by the truthtellers and just smile at the blowhards. But learn. Always learn.

Below is a post from CrossFit Lisbeth. This woman is amazing. Thank you, Lisbeth, for another gem.

Those of you who know me have hopefully seen that I feel having “Faith” in life is incredibly important. We control so much more than we want to admit sometimes, and that can be really scary. Having some faith in yourself, in your choices and in your hopes and dreams… and then working towards them with 100% of your heart and soul is such an empowering way of life. It’s one that I’m working on every single day.

I’ve made some major changes in my life recently (in terms of following my passions), and I’ll blog about those another time, but there are also some changes I haven’t made yet. Mostly because I’ve been afraid of “not knowing” what would happen next. Like I said, I’m working on it. But if you’re willing to put 100% of your being into those things that are important to you, then all you have left to do is believe, have faith and know that whatever happens next was meant to be.

Love this post, Lisbeth.

Faith – by Lisbeth

Faith: you got to have it.

I’m not talking about “throw your hands up to Jesus” faith. You can have that or not, I don’t really care — that’s up to you.

I’m talking about faith in yourself. In the person next to you. In your loved ones. In what you’re doing here. In your life.

Faith that if things are bad, they’ll get better. Faith that if you work hard, dreams will come true. Faith that love is out there, waiting for you in so many ways — you just have to open your eyes.

Without faith, life is kind of mean. You look over your shoulder all the time. You expect the worse. You prepare for the letdown. And so the dark dreams come to pass. Your life feels hollow and dry and interspersed only with random points of happiness. Joy eludes you and seems always to sit in other people’s pockets.

Without faith, the bar is always too heavy, the kettlebell is too much, the pull-up bar is too high, there are too many muscle-ups in the workout. You’re not a gymnast after all, right?

You can feel this way. You can be this way. It’s probably valid.

Or you can just say “F**k it.”

Life isn’t perfect. The bar is heavy, but I’m going to lift it. The pull-up bar is too high but I can get there. The other guy got this promotion but I’m getting the next one. That spot on the x-ray? F**k it: I can beat that. So he left me? Yeah, there are a million other fish in the sea. F** it all.

I‘m here. I’m strong. And I’m not going anywhere. I got faith.

Your life. Your choice. Your ending is happy or sad, your life is happy or sad, your day is happy or sad — depending not on the circumstances in it, but on how you view things.

So don’t come to me with your stories of woe. Don’t come to me with your self-pity and your Poor Me Syndrome. Come to me with your victories of the spirit, with your smiles and joy. Same breeds same. With every breath and every thought, you decide what you want more of. Choose darkness, or have faith. Of this you can be certain: Life will reply.

For the last 2.5+ years, I’ve really improved my tendency to “push” CrossFit onto other people. Yes, as sad as it sounds, this is me pushing it less.

CrossFit Lisbeth took a few seconds today to remind us (me) that it’s not always a good time. In fact, it’s never a good time to spread the word or get somebody else into CrossFit when YOU think it’s a good time. THEY need to be ready.

Ready or Not ~ By Lisbeth

Some folks just are not ready.

For CrossFit, for change, for love, for life, for lots of things new and untried.

Remaining the same is safer, and more comfortable.

Let them be.

What? Isn’t that wrong? Shouldn’t I be telling you to go after them? To pursue them and convince them that this is the best thing for them? That CrossFit will save their life?


They have to be ready to take the first step. You can’t take it for them. You can only keep living your life. You can’t live theirs too. Help them if they want your help. Walk away if they don’t.

It will be hard, really hard, but you have to do it. For yourself, and (in a way) for them. People don’t change because you want them to change. They change because they are ready to change.

So, work on the only person you can change: yourself. Live the best life you can. And, if someone asks for your help, give it with all your heart, because now maybe they are ready . . .

The CrossFit Games Southwest Regionals were this weekend here in town, and the three athletes I spent the most time with at the competition (Megan, Juli and Jaelyn) all had EPIC tears on their hands. You may be asking what an “Epic Tear” is… let me show you a picture that Jaelyn posted on Facebook, tagging the other two ladies. The caption that went with it: “this is how I am showering…” Yeah, that bad.

CrossFit, CrossFit Games, CrossFit Games Regionals, CrossFit Games Southwest Regionals, Smashby Training, Jaelyn Wolf, Hand Tear, CrossFit Hand Tear

Do you need to do this just to get in the shower?! Ouch!

So thankfully, our friends at Progenex posted a link to an article today about hand tears! It’s like they knew people were getting crushed lately and wanted to help. Gotta love the Progenex crew. Thanks for link, guys!

The article I’m featuring was written over at this blog, and specifically talks about not only how to HEAL tears, but measures we can all take to prevent them altogether. Very well written, short and to the point. I’ll paste it below here, but feel free to access the entire post by clicking here. Enjoy this incredibly useful info!

Competition Time – DO NOT RIP ~ By Whit

With the anxious environment and what seems like almost everyone preparing for Regionals, I’ve been shocked by the number of people with torn and ripped hands.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made the same mistake in the past and now live by the motto of “never make the same mistake once.”

So…. let’s go over hand care.

First, develop your grip strength!! Don’t skip mixed grip strict pullups, farmer holds and farmer carries with multiple hand grip positions. Second, get used to not using chalk. OMG did I just say that? YES I DID. Use chalk to control moisture, you don’t need if for your first rep. If you do use chalk make sure you wash your hands, WITH SOAP, immediately after. It is the polarity of the soap that removes the chalk, not the water. Then immediately use lotion and rub it into your palms and forearms for a few minutes. My personal favorites are Aveeno and Lumbraderm, but it has more to do with pressure than the exact lotion.

Next shave and pumice calluses regularly. If you have a callus large enough to change your hand placement, all that results in is new calluses and ripping the entire callus off.

Shave and pumice ONLY when your hands are dry and only remove dead shin. If your hands feel swollen, chances are… they are, ice them.

Ok so what if you do tear?

First you need good tweezers and cuticle cutters, some latex gloves that fit your hands and either a cut stop pad or a black tea bag. Trim the edges of the cut, moisten the tea bag and place it inside the glove over the tear over night. It will stain your hand orange/brown for a few days but will help oxidize the tear to allow you to use your hand the next day if you have to.

Next step, get some second skin or band-aide callus covers and keep the tear moist.

For general maintenance use On the Bar from whole earth, or go to and get some hand care aides 🙂

I can’t say this enough. 1 week to heal enough to start doing pull ups again and even a good tear will limit your ability to perform pulling motions. Think about it this way, 2 weeks to use your hands again plus 2 weeks for your skin to toughen back up again.

If you rip consistently, start asking yourself. Is it always the same spot, are the tendons in your hands starting to get tight, does your forearm, especially by your elbow start to cramp? Are you doing strict pullups, farmers carries, farmer holds, hex holds, or rock climbing? It’s often the small details that can make or break all of us. Also, hold your coaches accountable. Scaling IS ok, substituting movements IS ok. Tearing IS NOT ok unless it is a must do during a competition or it is a critical event (ie emergency).

The goal of this post is to show you a very quick and hopefully motivating message to start your day and your week!

I love Rob Dyrdek! Videos like these are the kinds of things that keep me motivated to make my dreams come true! Short, sweet and very impactful! Very cool.

Click on this link from the Websmith Blog and watch the quick 90-second spot he did. In it he tells you to follow your dreams and WORK towards accomplishing what you’ve always imagined for yourself.

To quote Rob, “… I’ve made my own luck. I chose to get up at 6 in the morning and build relationships and work all day till I couldn’t even keep my eyes open, only to get up and do it again. Everybody has the exact 24 hours, 365 days a year, to accomplish anything they want. It’s on you how much effort you put into making those things happen for yourself.”

I think that deserves a BOOOM!

Then, to keep all of that pumped up and positive emotion going, here’s another awesome video from Paul Schneider’s Vimeo Channel. He is the guy who brought you the video “BREATHE” I posted yesterday. Today’s video is called “The LIFT.” and I really like this one, too!

The LIFT. from Paul Schneider on Vimeo.

Happy Monday, everyone. Let’s make it a great week!

CrossFit Sweatshop, in Walnut Creek, CA, had a post that was shared on the CrossFit Affiliate Blog about 2 weeks ago. It is called “Purpose of CrossFit“, and I think it hit on some really big points.

I’ll share some of my favorite quotes from the post here, but you should really click on the link and head over to read the whole thing.  It’s a really easy piece to get through. Read it, think about it, and then reread the few parts that I’m going to “Highlight” as my most important take-aways from the piece.

It’s great, normal and completely healthy to be competitive; both in CrossFit and in life. But at the end of the day, I just want to be sure you’re all doing this stuff for the right reasons!

Purpose of CrossFit ~ by Nabil K. Langkilde

  • CrossFit is awesome for many reasons. The physical and mental challenge of the workouts. The feeling of accomplishment after the workout. The post workout buzz or euphoria. The physical and mental health benefits. The local community support from within the gym. … When any or all of these things are your primary reason for doing CrossFit, you will likely experience life-long enjoyment and fulfillment from participating in CrossFit.

However, if your primary goal is to be the best male or female during your class time, best performance on the whiteboard for that day, make it on to the leaderboard, qualify for the CrossFit Games, or any other accomplishment that involves gaining praise or the respect from others, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

  • Before I go any further, let me reiterate that the previously mentioned motivators should not be your PRIMARY goal.
  • But if during a workout you find yourself looking for ways to make a movement easier, or performing questionable range of motion, or after a workout you find yourself disappointed with your results, when you compare it to others, your head is simply in the wrong place.
  • The simple fact is, no matter how much you improve, or how good you get, there will likely be others that are better than you, and thus your insecurities or feelings of inferiority will never end. CrossFit, and exercise in general is an excellent way to have fun and reduce stress, if you are stressed out and/or not having fun, it’s time to re-evaluate why you are doing this.

Today I am going to show you guys some CrossFit videos that I’ve come across and liked. It’s almost the weekend here in Denver, it’s going to be BEAUTIFUL out, so let’s start to get pumped for some “Summer Training!”

Peak 360 Crossfit, in South Miami, Florida, aired this commercial a few months ago, and I liked it.

Then there’s the crew at CrossFit: The Den, in Medford, Oregon, with this cool video.

Finally, I don’t know where to attribute this video to… but it features some talking from CrossFit Founder, Greg Glassman, and really hits home in terms of what it takes to excel at something in life: Sacrifice. Love it.

Get some, and have a great weekend, friends!