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I love a lot of electronic music. I also enjoy people who can dance really well. I ALSO like really bright colors. I ALSO like beating a point into the ground when I’m really excited about something! #AmIRightOrAmIRight

I usually draw a parallel between the “athletes” in the videos I post in the Moment of Awesomeness (yes, I absolutely consider people who dance, skydive, surf, and pogo, athletes) and the 10 Physical Skills of CrossFit (they’re on page 4… but read the whole thing if you never have). Sometimes, though, the skills required to learn a routine, regardless of the field, are pretty clear!

This video is awesome.

Just over a month ago I wrote a post that included some beatboxing and some dancing. I like this kind of stuff, and hoped some of you would, too!

The final video on that page was one of my favorite things I’ve seen in some time… (yep, the Pumped Up Kicks video)

Marquese Scott, the dancer, did it again. Some of these moves are UNREAL.

Today’s word of the day is:


If you’ve known me since EPIC SUMMER 2011 started, you know that my musical tastes quickly branched off into the realm of “Dubstep”, and I haven’t looked back since.  My particular style of Dubstep that I like is pretty specific, but when I find a beat or song I like, I’m HOOKED! (side note: for all of you who were a part of EPIC SUMMER, here’s the one that STARTED IT ALLLLLL!)

Anyways, enough about my musical tastes… I came across this Beatbox video on YouTube, and knowing what Dubstep traditionally sounds like, I thought it’d be pretty tough to replicate it with only the human voice.

Well… this guy nails it pretty hard. The word that is used to describe music like this (which I LOVE…) is FLITHY. This guy’s Dubstep Beatbox is filthy.

For those of you who might not like dubstep at all, I will also post two of my other favorite beatbox videos. I’m trying to please everyone here, work with me, people!

Another pretty good freestyle. My favorite is his “scratching” sounds:

I’ve posted this one before, but I still think this dude is pretty sick:

Since that may be WAYYYY too much Beatboxing for some of you, I will repost the coolest Dubstep DANCING videos I’ve ever seen! Check it!

A buddy of mine posted this on Facebook today, and I had to take the time to watch it.

In CrossFit, some of the things we work towards are a strong core, body awareness and improved coordination. There are probably some people out there who CrossFit who also do this as a hobby.