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How has it been another month already?!

April 2018

Fitness- April was a whirlwind of a month in the gym for me. In 4 short weeks I had one week that was so busy I barely had time to work out at all, another where I tweaked my back and took nearly 7 days off, then during the final week I had some of the best lifting I’ve done in a very long time. Even though I’m still bummed when I can’t work out, I realize that I’m working out to #BeLessFat and that the gym doesn’t rule my life. When I tweaked my back, I just took time off, stretched and recovered. A few years ago I would have rushed to come back and potentially hurt myself more. Instead, I recovered, and now I feel fine again!

It took a very long time to get to that point of not rushing, but when I did, I stopped being so hard on myself. Yes, the gym is very important to me, but I am not my 1RM Clean and Jerk PR. If you don’t already, you should train yourself to have that mentality. After all… it’s just fitness!

My goal going into the month was to be more consistent with training, and as you just read, life got in the way a little bit. That didn’t stop me from having some really strong moments, though. Hitting a 240lb. snatch for the first time in 3+ years, and then split jerking 310lbs for the first time in over a year felt great. And I’m back to hitting 400+lbs for reps on deadlift, which makes me happy.

My “First Ever” class this month was my favorite! The first time I worked with the i99fit team was over 3 years ago, and I’ve known about their Sunday Open Gym for a long time. Last weekend, I decided it was time to head down there. Why? To learn something I’ve always wanted to do… a backflip! When I showed up, I was the only athlete there. That means I had Coach Anthony (who they call the backflip whisperer) all to myself! After a great progression of drills and skills, and in LESS THAN 45 minutes, I did my first unassisted back flip! I’m so excited!


House- No major house updates this month. Other than the garage gym coming along more and more each month, it was a fairly slow month in regards to major projects. I’m kind of glad, too. I’m sure the next project will be a big one, so some down time was nice.

Other- I turned 34 last week. Starting to get pretttty old, huh? As I reflect on 33, it’s amazing how many major changes happened in the last year. Yet, as I sit and look forwards into the rest of 2018, this is potentially going to be the busiest year of my life! Lots and lots and lots of work…. but also lots of play. That’s what it’s all about, right?

My goal for 34 is to get better at balance. If I’m working hard, that’s fine, but there needs to be a goal in sight. Working harder is NOT necessarily working smarter!

What’s going on with all of you? I’d love to hear some of your accomplishments in April, or goals for May!

CrossFit athletes are often required to perform fairly advanced exercises and high repetitions of movements during their training. By simply improving one’s technique, it can lead to movement patterns that are safer, faster, and more efficient. I’ve heard a lot of different cues as a trainer and athlete, and sometimes it just takes a slightly different way of explaining the same thing for something to click. My goal with the “Smashby’s Tip of the Week” series is to offer my own two cents on ways to move better, and provide a new cue that helps some of you!

Since the thought of going upside down can be scary for a lot of people, handstand push-ups are one of the most intimidating movements for athletes. When I teach them, I tend to follow a fairly basic progression:

  • Can the athlete support their own body weight with their arms?
  • If no, there are a number of exercises and modifications I prescribe (which I can explain in more detail if my readers are interested) to get to that point.
  • If yes, how can we build strength and confidence in that inverted position?
  • Once they’re confident upside down, the work can begin to teach the actual handstand push-up.

Today’s video will focus on my preferred method of getting upside down safely, and increase stability in that position. In my next video I’ll talk more about proper positioning (such as being in a hollow body, active shoulders, etc), but for today we’ll just talk about how to get inverted!

I hope you find this information beneficial.

If you do, please share it with someone else you think it could help!