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So I’m just going to post the events and their descriptions for Events 2 and 5 for the 2011 CrossFit Games below. My take on them…. awesome. They’re only 2 of 5 (or more…. definitely more) events, and they capture so many unique facets of fitness.

I approve! (Since you care)

Remember, this stuff is pasted straight off of the Official CrossFit Games site.

While sitting in the stands, the athletes learned Events 2 and 5 for the individual competition. Both are 3-part skills tests. Individual Event 2 is:

Skills 1
Max L-sit for time (1 attempt)
Max distance softball throw (2 attempts)
Max distance handstand walk (1 attempt with 1 mulligan if less than 5 yards)

Athletes will be scored for this event in the same system as the Regional scoring. And they will be ranked in each test with the sum of their 3 rankings determining their final score for the event. Low score wins and will receive the identical points as the other events.

Individual Event 5 is:

Skills 2
1 rep max weighted chest-to-bar pull-up for load
1 rep max snatch for load
Jug carry for distance in 60 seconds

Each athlete has 2 minutes to establish a 1 rep max chest-to-bar pull-ups, 2 minutes to establish a 1 rep max snatch, and then will have 60 seconds to carry 2 weighted water jugs, as far as possible.

Athletes will be ranked in each test with the sum of their 3 rankings, determining their final score for the event

It’s finally here!! They have announced the first event of the 2011 CrossFit Games.

As predicted, there is actually a SWIMMING segment of the first workout. I am VERY excited to see what this does to the field, especially since I swam through high school and college!

For time:
210 meter Ocean swim
1,500 meter Soft-sand run
50 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
100 Hand-release push-ups
200 Squats
1,500 meter Soft-sand run

The strength portion of tonight’s session featured the movement Sumo Deadlift. Not only did I see some people pull weight off of the ground safely and hit some PR’s, I also go to see CC do his thing. Look at this man pull 465lbs off of the ground and make it look easy!

After that we got right into the workout, which include jumping for the first time in a while. I’m really hoping that the weather stays nice, because being able to run outside regularly again is such a nice change of pace! I love summertime.

Workout of the Day:
Sumo Deadlift – 85% of 1RM – 1 Rep every minute for 15 minutes

4 Rounds for Time
400m Run / 20 Broad Jumps / 15 Pull-Ups

Athlete Results:
Sumo Deadlift
Jamie- 235lbs? (was it more?)
Alon- 175lbs (was WAYYY too easy, but form looked perfect)

Jamie (1-Banded Pull-Ups)-
Alon (4-Banded Pull-Ups)-

Team CrossFit Lakewood is at it again, this time with the third workout of the 2011 CrossFit Games Open.
One more time, the workout was as many reps in 5 minutes as possible of 165lb/110lb Squat Clean and Jerks.

Two heats of athletes lifted on Saturday, and the energy was high! Check out the video below and see how much fun we have together. Great job, team. Let’s keep it up! WE’RE HALFWAY THERE!

*****Highlight of the day for me*****
Drew Vance, aka Dru-Tang, hit a HUGE personal record for his Clean and Jerk today meeting the prescribed weight of 165lbs. He then went on and did it 3.5 more times! AWESOME!

Then on Sunday I decided that I had a few more reps in me, so I wanted to give it another go. A HUGE thank you to Megan for being willing to head to the gym to be my official judge/counter. (I ended up getting 4.5 more reps then attempt #2!)

Today was the last day of Free CrossFit at CrossFit Lakewood, and we still had a great turnout! After 3 straight days of newbies, we guessed some may have been a little too sore to come back, but the crew that came out still did an awesome job!

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Orion warming up the class!

The workout today introduced some people into new movements that one could incorporate into their daily workouts: Bear Crawls, Crab Walks, Ball Slams and Jumping Rope.

Workout of the Day:
5 Rounds for Time
50m Bear Crawl / 50m Crab Walk / 10 Ball Slams / 30 Double-Unders (or 90 Single-Unders)

Some of my favorite moments from today’s workout were:

Alon doing Ball Slams for the first time ever, using a 40 pound ball AND catching them on the bounce!!!
Pati did Double-Unders throughout the entire workout for the first time ever… 150 of them!
All of the people who were new to CrossFit REALLY pushing themselves.

Thanks everyone who made this week a huge success!

Another adventure race, anyone?! Most of you know I will be attacking the Tough Mudder race on Saturday, June 25th. This past week, however, I came across another one that looks like a ton of fun:

The Rugged Maniac!

This thing is an adventure race AND a music festival! That’s combining a heck of a lot of really fun things.
Here are some basic details:

  • The Denver, Colorado, race will take place on Saturday, October 15, 2011, at the Thunder Valley Motocross Park in Morrison, Colorado.
  • Normal Registration ($58) – Ends August 26, 2011
  • You must be 14 years old on race day to compete. All racers under 18 will require a guardian signed waiver.
  • What do you get? – “I am a Rugged Maniac” T-Shirt / One Free Beer (for racers over 21 years of age) (No substitutions, no alternatives) / SWAG / Rocking after party – and we promise we know how to party.

If you still need some motivation, here are some pictures from one of the events!

Let me know if you think you’ll be interested in the comments section of this blog. I’m trying to get a huge group of people to go together. This would be a TON of fun! (DACTA, I’m talking to you!)


I created an Official Facebook Event for us! Check it out, spread the word and let’s have an awesome day together!  Click below to check it out!

Denver CrossFitters invade the Rugged Maniac!

The guys at LifeAsRx shared this link today. It’s an article written by Miss West Virginia USA 2010 (Erica Jade Goldsmith) and I think hits on a pretty key point that we run into a lot. When we talk to friends about CrossFit, or working out in general, a lot of people say that don’t have three things (aside from money)- Time, Equipment and a Location.

Read the quick little article below, or click on the title to be taken directly to the link itself. Good advice, short and sweet, hard to argue. Enjoy.

Lessons from a Pro. You have the Time…

“I don’t have time. I don’t have any equipment. I don’t have anywhere to workout.”

Those are the three most common excuses I hear when people are talking about their lack of exercise. People don’t believe me when I say they can get a complete workout in 20 minutes, with no equipment, and they can do it anywhere. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not; it’s CrossFit.

Of course, I’m sure everyone in the CrossFit community is very familiar with these simple moves, but you would be amazed how many people haven’t heard of them or didn’t realize they could get a complete workout with absolutely nothing, but a few things that can be found almost anywhere.

1. Running-Who doesn’t love a good run? I’ll admit, I still haven’t found the elusive “runner’s high,” but I love starting my WOD with a run to get me in the zone. You can even mix it up by doing sprints, running up and down stairs, running backwards, etc….the possibilities are endless.

2. Air Squats-I like to introduce my friends to this first, since it’s quick, easy, and they will need proper squat form for a lot of CrossFit exercises.

3. Box Jumps- It doesn’t matter where I go, I can always find a place to do box jumps. I particularly like the park benches and picnic tables because they’re sturdy and you can find varying heights.

4. Burpees- I have a love/hate relationship with burpees. Burpees are tough and they wear me out fast. My friends’ biggest complaint about doing burpees is how crazy they will look and how dumb they will feel, but I always tell them that they may look crazy for a few minutes, but the results are worth it. If they complain about it too much, I make them do box jump burpees.

5. Pull-ups- If you’re at the park doing your WOD, you’ll probably find a set of monkey bars. If you can do unassisted pull-ups, you’re awesome, you know what to do, but most people, who are just starting to workout, have problems with pull-ups, so I take them to the shorter monkey bars that are just tall enough for them to do a jumping pull-up.

6. Push-ups- Everybody has done a push-up at some point in their life, even if the last time was during the Presidential Physical Fitness Test in elementary school. So, this one is pretty self-explanatory.

With those exercises, that don’t require any equipment, you can do Angie, Murph, and Barbara, just to name a few. So the next time you hear someone complaining about not having the time, the space, or the equipment to workout, introduce that person to some simple CrossFit moves that could change their life, or at least put an end to their excuses.
Miss West Virginia USA 2010

Today was the third day of FREE CROSSFIT at CrossFit Lakewood. For the third day in a row, we had about 25 people come to class! It was AWESOME! (Nope, it’s not getting old at all. The more the merrier if you ask me.) People have been spreading the word this week, bringing friends, and then THEIR friends have been bringing even more people. It’s been so cool to watch, and I’m so thankful for everyone who’s made an effort to check us out and see what we’re all about!

The last day of Free CrossFit is tonight at 6pm. Bring your friends for one more jam-packed workout this week! I’ve already heard of a few people who will be making it for the first time. I can’t wait!

Tonight’s workout we decided to introduce our guests to a good friend of the CrossFit Community: Tabata Intervals!

There were a total of 5 stations that we put people through, and since most of them were new to CrossFit, we didn’t even have them worry about keeping score. That made it easier to focus on form and technique.

Workout of the Day:
Tabata Intervals of 5 Stations – 1 Minute Rest between Station
Row / Stick Jumps / Dips / Squat Jumps / Ab-Mat Sit-Ups

For another day with many first-time CrossFitters, I continue to be amazed at how efficient people are moving. We make adjustments based on previous injuries, ability levels and range of motion limitations… and BOOM, off they went!


Great job to everyone for another incredible day at the gym, and I’m REALLY looking forward to our fourth and final night of FREE CROSSFIT at CrossFit Lakewood!

New questions from Megan, UN-suggestions from Casey and great advice from Molly King.

A pretty productive little Drive Time! 🙂

Well, today was day 2 of FREE CROSSFIT WEEK at CrossFit Lakewood, and it went even better than yesterday!! This evening there were 25 people in class… EIGHTEEN of which were non-members! Eighteen Newbies!!!

What does that look like? Well, throw in a beautiful day in terms of weather, a few warm-up exercises, and a lot of smiles… and it looks like this!

And then Ben S. leading 25 people through some Jumping Squats. I’d say he’s a natural leader!

The workout for today was a good one. It included quite a few shorter runs, kettlebell swings and either regular or handstand push-ups (depending on the athlete’s ability level). Here’s the crew all taking off at once for the first run lap! (thanks for not trampling me, Lion King style!…… too soon?)

Workout of the Day:
5 Rounds for Time
200m Run / 20 Kettlebell Swings / 200m Run / 20 Push-Ups (or 10 Handstand Push-Ups)

It was so cool to look around and see so many people swinging KB’s and doing push-ups. The sense of community and support you guys showed, and around people you had just met, was awesome!

For so many of you being “First-Time CrossFitters”, the form and technique work was AWESOME! Look at all of those full lock-outs at the top of the push-up!

Also, I’m proud to report that no one was hit with a rogue or flying kettlebell! That means the crew was organizing and respectful of the space around them. I mean, does it get ANY better than this? I’m not sure how, but I’m hoping to see if it does.

Now, to end the post with an feat of awesomeness, our very own Greg Walker (who has been featured on this blog quite a bit for just being cool) shows the world what it’s like to be good at Handstand Push-Ups. At the end of an almost 20-minute workout, the guy ends it with 10 unbroken HSPU’s! Pretty epic stuff… Well done, GW!