The Pursuit of Paleo: One way to start.

Posted: January 26, 2011 in CrossFit, Nutrition
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I am always trying to share different perspectives on proper nutrition, and today, Alec Hanson wins again to have his voice heard by the 17 million people who check out my blog… per hour.

Watch the video below, and hear what advice the “crazy little weird person on the phone” (HIS words, relax!) gives us advice on how to function for 8 hours per day and maintain our energy levels. His approach is very direct, hilarious, and….. painfully true for most of us. To no fault of our own, it’s very hard to plan a day of healthy meals if you don’t know what you can eat! There are very simple adjustments to make, so hear some new ideas!

“Today… Tuesday… you want more energy, you want to be more productive at work, have more focus… just please stop eating the bad carbs… eat meat and nuts all day. Good start right there.” ~ Alec Hanson

p.s.- Subscribe to his YouTube channel “Drive Time with Alec”. Maybe if he gets to Drive-Timer #100 before he posts his special 50th video, he’ll pay all of us $20 or something.

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