Drive Time with Smashby?!

Posted: March 20, 2011 in CrossFit, Media
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Alec Hanson called out his “Drive Time with Alec” viewers and challenged them to complete a “Drive Time”-like taping of their own.

If you’ve been following this blog for the last few months, you’ll know that Alec and I have had a pretty good back-and-forth dialogue, so I decided to take him up on the offer.

Do you guys see any benefit to a segment like this?

Basically it would become an “Ask Tom” segment to the blog. You would be able to send me topics via Facebook or through this blog, and then I would reply in video form instead of just a written post.

FEEDBACK, please! 🙂

Also, if the desire for this is out there, I need a name better than “Drive Time with Smashby.” It’s too much like Alec’s, and when I get more YouTube subscribers than him (*cough*cough*, subscribe to my channel), I want the name of my “Series” to be more original.
(What I mean by that is, no one can replace Alec Hanson, and I want to find my own niche out there!)

Let me know what you think, ladies and gentlemen!

  1. Greg says:

    Is this even safe!?!?! This is worse than texting and driving!

  2. lucasashby says:

    This is so cool! Well done.

    • Glad you like it, Lucas! Now if only some of my viewers would suggest some topics for me to discuss, instead of just telling me how much they LOVE the video, I’d be onto something. 🙂

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