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Yesterday was our very own Alon’s birthday! Alon has done more in the last 6-8 months to inspire everyone around him (myself most DEFINITELY included) than, probably, anyone else I know.

His dedication to his fitness, his diet and his CONSTANTLY positive and motivated attitude is just an absolute joy to be around… 100% of the time.

Oh. He’s also getting pretty strong, too.

Yesterday, on his 29th birthday, he did a little bit of Shoulder Press.

He put up 170lbs… twice… in a row.

(If you think that since his feet moved so it doesn’t count…. shut up.) 🙂

Alon definitely qualifies for BEAST MOOODE!!

Those of you who train at CrossFit Lakewood, don’t need me to tell you about Alon.
He is the man, right?

Well, tonight, this dude decides to hit a 235 pound Front Squat. For TWO reps.

Not bad for only doing CrossFit for a few months. And by “not bad”, I mean:

Alon, you are an animal.