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This video is rather old, and I actually think I’ve posted it here before, but when Chris Spealler (owner of CrossFit Park City) is involved, you can never post a video too many times.

After last week’s Molly Metz Double-Under extravaganza, some of you may have thought, “Tom…. Molly jumps rope for a living. Of course she can do double-unders without messing up for 10 minutes in a row.” Now, I know none of you DID think that, but you could have. Chris Spealler, however, does a lot more than double-unders for a living. In fact, what DOESN’T Chris Spealler do?

So, here you have it… 251 consecutive double-unders.

Oh, sorry…. in 2 minutes.

Chris Spealler is one of my favorite CrossFitters out there. I’ve met him a few times, and he has to be one of the nicest guys in CrossFit, too.
One of the coolest parts of this video, to me, is the story behind it (which I copied from the video’s page):

“I have known Chris for a long time and the one thing that stands out from his character is passion. This was a Christmas gift to Chris from his bro-in-law. Never give up!”