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I haven’t made a Meal Prep video in a long time. For my first one back, I decided to share the recipe I’m asked about the most; how I cook White Rice.

It may seem like a very simple recipe, and that’s because it is a simple recipe! The point is, that people have asked how I make it because they’ve struggled with cooking rice on their own in the past.

Thankfully, 100% of the people who have asked me for this and given it a shot have said it worked perfectly for them. I hope that if you give it a try, it works for you, too.

Let me know, and I hope you enjoy the video!

I started posting meal prep videos on my blog years ago as a resource for athletes on how to eat cleaner. I never claimed to make the healthiest meals, but my goal was to offer a few new ideas and show how easy it can be make better choices, inspire those who are intimidated by the kitchen, and occasionally demonstrate how economical “cleaner” eating can be for anyone!

Today’s prep was a throwback to two of my most commonly made meals:

Breakfast Scramble (eggs, green and red pepper, onion, and a bit of chicken and steak)

Salad (spinach, carrots, steak and chicken, blue cheese crumbles, candied pecans)

All in, the groceries for this prep ran just over $50 and I estimated that it produced around 11 meals for me. For context, that comes out to around $4.50 per meal. If I were to run to Chipotle, my usual burrito costs me $13.67. So yeah, it’s a lot cheaper for me to take a few hours and make food that’s better for me anyways!

There are still times where I won’t feel like cooking, didn’t have time to make a grocery run, or just craved a Motomaki Sushi Burrito. The point of posts like this, though, is to show that eating well doesn’t have to be intimidating. I’ve said this many times on my blog before that since people in our community by and large share the goal of wanting to get in better shape: “You can’t out-train a bad diet.” Nutrition is the base of the pyramid of success that CrossFit created, so if I can help at least one person feel more confident and equipped with some simple ideas, I’ll be a happy guy.


The thoughts featured in the post and video are mine and mine alone!

Quick and dirty Sunday night dinner for this week’s post. The steps are easy:

  • Heat up some grape tomatoes
  • Mix together kale salad and some dressing
  • Add tomatoes to salad
  • Cook some shrimp on the stove
  • Grill a big fat steak
  • Enjoy!

Total prep to cook time was a little under 45 minutes, but man was this dinner good!

Not only is this super easy to make, but if there is any leftover food, which there rarely is, you get Surf and Turf for a snack!

This is the first post of a new series called: “The Pursuit of Paleo”

In these posts, I’ll share stories and ideas for how to keep your diet geared towards what I feel is the most effective  way to tailor your nutrition.  For me, that way is by following a Paleolithic diet.  What is that?  I won’t overwhelm you with details here, but basically it means you eat foods that were available 10,000 years ago.  If it’s processed or has a label on it, it’s probably not good for you. says in it’s World Class Fitness in 100 Words: “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.”  That’s as simple as it gets.

Now let me start this new segment of the blog by saying one thing:

I am by no means a model of what a person should or should not eat.  However, I am constantly improving my own diet and can say, with complete confidence, that proper nutrition is equally as important (if not more important) than an effective training program.  If you address and improve your diet, you will improve your quality of life.  You can quote me on that.

Finally, everything I write in these segments are my own personal thoughts and opinions.  I am not a nutritionist, so understand that it’s just my opinion and take what I’m saying with a grain of salt!  Actually, scratch that.  Salt’s probably not the best thing to eat…

If you want to learn more about the Paleo Diet, feel free to start with some reading on Wikipedia –

And if you want to read a blog by someone who does know his stuff, check out my buddy Kevin Ogar’s blog –

The Ape and the Caveman