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The thoughts featured in the post and video are mine and mine alone!

Quick and dirty Sunday night dinner for this week’s post. The steps are easy:

  • Heat up some grape tomatoes
  • Mix together kale salad and some dressing
  • Add tomatoes to salad
  • Cook some shrimp on the stove
  • Grill a big fat steak
  • Enjoy!

Total prep to cook time was a little under 45 minutes, but man was this dinner good!

Not only is this super easy to make, but if there is any leftover food, which there rarely is, you get Surf and Turf for a snack!

The thoughts featured in the post and video are mine and mine alone!

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to make myself cook new things to keep Meal Prep interesting. This is the first week, however, that I actually video-taped an experimental dish for the blog. The first victim:  A Breakfast Quiche!

The ingredients for this are simple- Pie Crust (gluten free this week!), eggs, elk and pork bratwurst, spinach, some sweet peppers, and a little bit of salt and pepper

I’m aware that eggs are a solid protein source, but by now, most of you know that I usually eat a lot of protein with my meals. To make this particular dish lower protein and/or higher carb, a few very simple changes could be made. First, instead of whole eggs, use egg whites only! Also, when cooking eggs, don’t be afraid to add a little water while whisking. It can add quite a bit of “fluff” to the eggs you do have! Also, there is no need to add any additional bratwurst, like I did. I just got suckered into buying them while walking around in Costco (free samples)! Finally, quiche are awesome to make because you can basically add any number of items. For this one in particular, I could see adding in onions or mushrooms for a higher veggie/carb count!

I’m not quite sure what the next experimental dish is going to be, but I am open to suggestions! Hopefully this post was helpful, and I’ll chat with you guys next time.

AND – Congrats to CrossFit Omnia for qualifying for the 2016 CrossFit Games by finishing in Third Place for the South Region! We’re so proud of you guys!

The thoughts featured in the post and video are mine and mine alone!

Usually I post meal prep videos to try and give viewers ideas of healthy and delicious food options that are fairly easy to make. The goal of today’s video, however, is to show you guys the entire process of how long it takes me to make 8 steak salads! The recipe is fairly similar to what I’ve posted in the past, but for the serving portion, I leave the camera running through it all.

The prep phase today ran around 30-40 minutes. Seasoning and grilling the steak took me 10-15 minutes, the hard-boiling and peeling for the eggs took 15-20, and washing and cutting fruit probably took 15 minutes. Some of those tasks were happening at the same time, so I’m just sharing total time figures in case any of you decide to do something similar for yourselves!

As always, feel free to substitute any portion of the meal for food options that are more in-line with your fitness/health/nutritional goals. I just wanted to show that once things are ready to go, it takes less than 4 minutes to combine ingredients and make enough meals to last over half of the week!

To the viewer who challenged me to cook something without peppers…. Boom! 🙂

Next “Smashby’s Meal Prep” video will feature a meal I’ve never made myself. Get ready for some kitchen shenanigans! I hope you guys like this video. Have a great week, friends.

One of my closest friends is PaleOMG owner, founder, CEO, choreographer, and athlete, Juli Bauer. Homegirl can COOK. Therefore, many of my foodie inspirations will come from her. This first meal in the “Cooking with Smashby” segment is one of those meals.

Breakfast was probably my most often neglected meal, and as most of you semi-intelligent people know, it is also considered by many to be one of the most important meals of the day (if not THE most important). I only say “semi-intelligent” because I consider myself to be at least semi-intelligent. And I had heard that fact about breakfast many times. Yet, as someone who trains hard every day to try and get in good physical shape, I STILL chose to ignore this fact. Day after day, year after year, I would just skip breakfast. That’s just dumb.

When I went crying to Juli (probably saying, “Wahhh, Juli, I’m a big baby and don’t have time to make myself breakfast.. Wahhh”), she likely responded with something like this, “Are you kidding me? Stop being an idiot, of course you do.”

And with that, the BREAKFAST SCRAMBLE was introduced to me!

It’s a super-simple recipe that usually makes enough food to last me at least half-way through the week! That means I went from not eating breakfast at all, to eating almost everyday, with only 30-ish minutes of work. Win.

6 eggs
1 to 1.5 pounds breakfast sausage
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 poblano pepper
1 jalapeño pepper
1 sweet potato
1/2 red onion
Olive Oil

There you have it, less than 10 ingredients. My kind of recipe.

Step 1-
Cut up the peppers into small enough pieces for you to enjoy them. I, am a baby, so I cut them into small pieces so I don’t have to say “yucky, that was a big piece of pepper.” Also cut up the sweet potato to your preference of size. I’d recommend cutting them smaller since they’ll cook faster that way.

Step 2-
Toss a little olive oil (nope, don’t care about measuring) in a pan, add ground sausage at a medium temperature. Let the meat begin to brown. Here where you’d add salt and pepper “to taste”.

Step 3-
Throw the veggies and sweet potato in another pan and let those start to cook (also at a medium heat).

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Cooking with Smashby, Separate Scramble, Breakfast Scramble

The calm before the storm! Veggies and meat cooking separately.

Step 4-
Stir both meat and veggies separately (using a different spoon since one pan has raw meat in it, bro… Not trying to make you sick here). The goal is to get the veggies to the softness of your liking, and the meat to almost fully cooked.

Step 5-
Once the meat is about done (meaning there is barely any pink visible), add your eggs to that pan! Yep.. Just crack whole eggs in there and start stirring away!

Step 6-
When your meat and egg magic is just about done, dump allll of the veggies into the protein pan. Toss in some crushed red pepper flakes to add a little zing to it if you’d like. Combine those bad boys and stir away!

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Cooking with Smashby, Separate Scramble, Breakfast Scramble

This is the storm. A bit aggressive in the pan, but it worked!

Step 7-
When it all looks nice mixed, let sit for a few minutes, separate out into your tupperwares, store in fridge for easy morning microwaving.

That’s it!! And this meal is DELICIOUS.

With the ingredients listed here, that would probably make about 3 big portions, or 4 slightly smaller ones.

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Cooking with Smashby, Finished Scramble, Breakfast Scramble

Breakfast is served. BOOM!

Not bad at all for less than 30 minutes of work. So, there you have it, Recipe #1 is in the proverbial books.

What’d you think?! Let me hear it, friends!

In my opinion, proper nutrition and adequate rest (aka, sleep) are probably the two areas where our bodies will reap the most benefit, (in terms of maintaining and reaching our physical fitness goals) so paying attention to them is key.
That said, those are two areas of my life where I lack the most discipline…. Nice.

Not getting enough sleep has been an issue for me for at least the last 10 years of my life (likely more than that), and I have never really enjoyed cooking enough to get really good at it. Good start to the “Cooking with Smashby” segment so far, huh?

The purpose of this series will NOT, I repeat… NOT be to provide a replacement page to the wonderful PaleOMG site of my good friend, Juli Bauer (only partly because I will probably never film a dance sequence and be willing to share it with the Internetz). I merely wanted to share stories of how I make some of my meals, given my (self-imposed) time constraints, and hope that it helps some of you guys and gals.

Hopefully you all can not only benefit from some of my quick meals, but also share some of your own ideas (and suggestions on how to improve mine) so we can all learn ways to make delicious and healthy meals TOGETHER. Yayyyy.

My influences and inspirations will come from all over the place, and will likely each have my own little twist to them. That will likely be for two reasons:
1- I can be a picky eater (read: big baby) so I may switch out ingredients that I find “yucky”. Yep, I just said yucky.
2- I may not have the product or device or cooking implement to make a part of the meal properly. In that case, it’s time to “audible” and make do with what I have!

As always with me and my blog, I’m only posting stuff in the interest of trying to help you guys. I don’t really think you’re dying to know what I had for breakfast! So please let me know what you like or don’t like about this, and what you’d like to see more or less of in this series.

Alright, here goes nothing!