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This post is most definitely for my crew at ApresPowder!  Wow.
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I don't even know what to say....

Yesterday I said that the next three days of the Moment of Awesomeness posts would go from the dirt, to the snow, to the city streets. I can’t let you down now, can I?

After yesterday’s awesome mountain biking videos, we’re taking it to the slopes today with the trailer for the Legs of Steel Crew’s movie entitled Nothing Else Matters. There are some gnarly airs in this 3 minute clip, and the final scene with what looks like a dozen skiers is probably my favorite of the whole video.

Those of you (like me), who may want at least a few snowboarders in your trailers, check out this one from Toy Soldier Productions called “Set Your Sights.” Some epic hits in this one, too!

“Set Your Sights” Official Trailer from Toy Soldier Productions on Vimeo.