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Note, the question below is not rhetorical. I am interested in your answer, please.

Accountability April. Who’s with me?

SUNDAY FUNDAY again! That’s officially what my Sunday class is called, and it makes me smile every time I hear one of you say it!

This week we had a few newbies join us, and they did an awesome job, too. Had all of our “Regulars” been there, wewould have pushed 10 people. Now THOSE will be some fun classes when summer time is here and we can spend more time outside!

The workout was a good* one… it was WOD #1 from the 2010 CrossFit Sectionals.

*By good, I mean I admitted to them that I literally wouldn’t touch a red kettlebell for 7 months after I had to this workout myself last year!

Workout of the Day:
3 Rounds for Time
500m Row / 21 KB Swings / 400m Run

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Athlete Results:
Nick (Green KB)- 18:01
Annie (Pink KB)- 18:08
Heather (Blue KB)- 19:39
Alon (Yellow KB)- 20:20
Kara (Blue KB)- 21:20

After that, I decided to pay a little tribute to my friends over at CrossFit Lodo and offer “Dessert” to the crew! What was for dessert? Well, today we did 2 “2-minute Drills” of as many reps as possible of a particular movement.

Max Reps in 2 Minutes: Push-Ups
Nick- 40
Annie- 35
Heather- 42
Alon- 39
Kara (Ab-Mat Sit-Ups)- 36

Max Reps in 2 Minutes: Air Squats
Nick- 61
Annie- 62
Heather- 61
Alon- 43
Kara- 53

The hair finally came off! Check it before you wreck it.


The crew at SicFit posted this video with some feedback from workout 11.4 of the 2011 CrossFit Games Open.

Obviously 2 full rounds isn’t possible! I didn’t even get one….. 🙂

In all seriousness, though… I would love to see video of someone moving as fast as he mentions in the video through all of those reps. That would be INSANE.

11.4 | Is Two Rounds Possible? from SICFIT on Vimeo.

Today, CrossFit Lakewood went after the 4th workout of the 2011 CrossFit Games Open. With a 10 minute cap on the workout, that means a lot of people out there wouldn’t even get close to completing one round. This one requires a LARGE amount of work to be done in not a lot of time, so the goal is basically to get through as much as you can.

Workout of the Day:
Learn the Zercher Squat
Work up to a good 3 Rep Max

CrossFit, CrossFit Lakewood, Smashby Training, Zercher Squat, Alon Crushing the Zercher Squat

Alon looking STRONG! (Bent bar, too!)

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of
60 Bar-facing burpees
30 Overhead squats (120lbs / 55kg)
10 Muscle-ups

The pace everyone kept throughout all 60 Burpees was really impressive!

As CrossFitters, we also tend to enjoy watching people suffer. Here is your chance to watch me struggle through my first attempt at this workout. The Overhead Squats just KILLED me. Hopefully I can get through 1 full round on Saturday. (Always open to critique of form / No-reps, etc)

Good news, everyone! They’ve announced the locations for the 2011 Regionals Competition! It also shows, by region, how many athletes move to the CrossFit Games!

Here it is for us, here in the South West Region:

Week Three (of Regionals): June 10-12

South West:
Spots to the Games: 3 men, 3 women, 3 teams
Aurora Public School Stadium
1250 Chambers Road
Aurora CO 80011

Here’s the link to all of the Regional dates and locations around the world.

GOOD LUCK to all athletes!

Hey everyone,

Many of you are familiar with Pat Barber, CrossFit Monster. He is the first person I had ever heard being called a Manimal (yes.. a man-animal) for his incredible feats of athleticism! He has been conducting this series on advice on how to hit the workouts for the 2011 CrossFit Games Open, and then feedback on how he thought they went after his first attempt. This one, appropriately enough, is his advice for Workout 11.4.
I like watching them, so I figured some of you might, too.

CrossFit Lisbeth! Thank you for another post like this! As I woke up a little sore today, I thought, “Am I really going to do this workout tonight?” Then I stopped for a second, thought about it, and said, “YES. Now stop complaining and get pumped.”

I dedicate this edition of “CrossFit Blog Central” to Casey. This is a conversation we had just the other day. I don’t want “Sunday Funday” to be fun and happy. I want it to be an awesome workout, just like every other one we do. So I accept and APPRECIATE your feedback the other day about how “hard and challenging” the workout was this last week. My response: Mission Accomplished!

To quote Lisbeth’s post below:
“Dear CrossFit,
Keep pushing me, don’t ever stop.”

Post entitled Dear CrossFit – By Lisbeth Darsh

Dear CrossFit,

I like that you push me. That you shove me around. That you don’t listen to my whining, my excuses, my belly-aching.

When I say, “This is hard” . . . you say, “Do it again.”

When I say, “But I’m not good at this” . . . you say, “So, practice. Get good.”

When I say “This hurts” . . . you say, “So does life. Get over it.”

You poke me in the chest, you kick me in the ass, you drive me over the edge.

And I love every single flippin’ minute of it. Even as I hate it too.

If I wanted my workout to hug me and make me feel special, I’d be rocking some jazzeryoga40x in my basement. With some chamomile tea. And a blankie.

But I’m not here for the party. I’m here because I don’t need another person in life to tell me that I’m special and I’m good enough and I’m wonderful. (I mean, don’t stop with that, my ego kinda digs it.) But I want the truth. I can handle it. And I can handle the work to make myself better.

I don’t have a muscle-up. And I needed to be reminded of that, and the many other things I need to motor on.

See, CrossFit, we understand each other. Keep pushing me, don’t ever stop.



Wednesday goodness.

Keep the questions and comments coming. Jen Silva, shout out to you, by the way!