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I am typically not a fan of the concept of New Year’s Resolution. Why? Because I don’t think you need it to be a new year on the calendar to commit to making improvements in your life. Also, it’s far too common to have the majority of people come out strong in January with their steps to get better, only to completely lose progress by February or March. This same pattern, year over year, leads to so many Americans approaching the topic of resolutions with so much cynicism that some people are actually laughed at when they tell others’ about their goals. Not cool.

What I’ve noticed is that while it’s easy to SAY, “I want to x, y, or z,” in January, it’s much harder to stay the course without someone to help keep you accountable. An “Accountabilibuddy,” if you will. The first time I ever heard that term was in an episode of South Park, but since then I’ve seen it all over. Instead of just having a friend, family member, or spouse to tell your goals to, this person is tasked with specifically holding you accountable for goals that you’ve set. It might be random check-ins, or maybe a well thought-out action plan with timelines. The point is, you have someone to answer to along the way.

THAT SAID, instead of just sitting back and telling YOU to be more accountable to your resolutions, I’m going to double-down and hold myself accountable to some, too! Each month, I’ll update my list, and you can all be a part of making sure I’m sticking to my goals! Here goes nothing…

Tom’s 2018 New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Create at least 25 posts per month on my blog – This can include multiple posts on the same day, and can even be a simple re-blog of something else I’ve seen. (Stretch Goal- One post per day)
  2. Read at least one book per month – Reading a kid’s book to my (soon-to-be) 5-year old neice? Counts! haha, not really. But, there is no minimum page requirement, just as long as it’s a complete body of work from start to finish. (Stretch Goal- If applicable to health and wellness, include a brief review and summary of the book here on my blog)
  3. Formal Continuing Education – My goal is to obtain TWO new Certifications this year. The first, is a Nutrition Certification. The second, my CrossFit Level 3 Certification. I’ve talked about getting both of these for years. Now, it’s time to talk less and do more.
  4. New Adventures – Once per month, I’d like to do something for the first time. It can be trying a new restaurant, taking a new fitness class, seeing a band perform live for the first time, or visit some place I’ve never been before. Anything goes! I think we do this more often than we think, but by keeping track, it will serve as a fun reminder of how often we step our of our comfort zone. (Stretch Goal- More than one new thing per month)

Let’s be there for each other!

What do you say, friends? Is anyone with me? Anyone else want to put themselves out there and let our community hold each other accountable? Let me know!


The “Sunday Status Update” will give me a chance to update everyone on what’s been going on with me, share anything I’ve got coming up in the next week or so, and give my readers the opportunity to update me on what’s going on with YOU!!

This “Accountability” thing helps me a lot. If I tell both people who read my blog what I’m hoping to do, at least one of them might call me out and make sure it happens! So, thanks for you help, mom 🙂

Last week:

  • Fitness- Deadlifted 400lbs x 3 reps + Push Jerked 255lbs x 3 reps and felt strong for both. Completed one workout – 3 Rds of 15 Pull-Ups, 12 Burpees over Barbell, 9 Squat Cleans (135lbs) – in 8:15 and did all pull-ups unbroken, which was nice.
  • Home- Installed my first outlet in the garage, didn’t burn down the house, so that was nice! Also used our new Power Washer for the first time to clean the garage and the driveway. Power Tools.

This week:

  • My challenge is to complete TWO “The 2018 Open is Coming” posts, to start preparing people for what to think about before the end of next month!
  • Hoping to work out 4 days between Monday and Friday, and be in bed by 11 at least one night.
  • I am going to start reading my first book of 2018.
  • Prepped a bunch of food this week, so I want to make sure I bring enough food to eat lunch no matter where I am Monday through Thursday!

What’s going on with all of you? Let’s be “Accountabili-buddies” together!

Note, the question below is not rhetorical. I am interested in your answer, please.

Accountability April. Who’s with me?